Adam Audio of Germany

Has anyone heard any of the Adam Audio home speakers?

I attended AES in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago and heard their studio monitors. I was very impressed with their designs, especially the folded ribbon tweeter, a descendant of the Heil Air Motion Transformer. They were the best sounding studio monitors in the show IMHO.

The Adam home speakers are not yet being imported to the US. I was wondering if any forum contributors may have heard these in Europe and if so, what was your impression?
I've heard the Adam Tensor speakers (Alpha or Beta - I don't remember) at the high end in munich and talked to the designer and to the sales person. Adam had a very small room with problematic acoustics. Under these circumstances the sound was very impressive. Adam is a small company and I assume they have small budgets - thus the small room at the high end fair.

The developer Klaus Heinz is a very experienced speaker designer some 30 years in this business. In 1980 I had bought my first high end speaker and this was the top of the line speaker from Klaus Heinz at this time "ARCUS TM1000". Honestly this was the reason why I entered the Adam room.

This year I had bought a Wilson Audio Maxx2. Klaus Heinz (or was it the sales person Max Schlundt) told me that Adam considers their top speaker Alpha as a contender for the Maxx. From the sonic qualities that I heard at the fair this may be the case.

So if you have a chance to listen to Adam speakers give them a try.
You should hear the new SA7, with the Precision Devices woofers,just made for the film industry in Bollywood.The most amazing aspect was that all 7 drivers sounded like one,an amazing feat for such a large speaker.Plus the damn thing went devastatingly loud.I spoke to Klaus the owner/designer,he is really quite brilliant,and can hear really well too.Good fun.
I've heard the Tensors several times in Paris, France. Great speakers! I believe they are imported in the U.S. : Adam Audio USA in Westlake Village, CA (805 413-1133
Yes, I am aware of the importer and have talked to them at the AES show and via email. They currently import the studio monitor line but not the home. They are working on it.

I am so impressed with their studio monitors that I really want to hear the home speakers. Maybe I'll pop over to Europe to have a listen. ;-)
Or you could go to Québec since Diffusion Audio is the Canadian distributor for Adam. Please check with Andy
I have heard the Column MK3 under their Classic Line, and for the money (7K), these things will challenge anything double its asking price. I have heard the WA Sophia 2's and Totem Wind 2's, and I prefer the sound of the Adam Audio's. If one is looking for realistic reproduction of music, without the harshness of midrange and treble, this is your speaker if it is in your budget.

The Totem Wind 2's were powered by Shindo Masseto, Classe CT 2300 and an Accuphase CD-Player whereas the Adam Audios were powered by Shindo Monbrison, SimAudio Moon Power Amp and CD player. Both were treated rooms. I am excited to hear the Tensor Series, mainly the Beta and Alpha.
They sell them at Lyric Hi-Fi in NYC I will be buying a pair next week. They sound and look great.
Adam is a great company, making great products. I have heard several of their models at various shows here in Europe, and they all sounded very impressive. All the reviews I have read were very positive as well. They offer both Active and Passive models.
I have heard nearly every model in the Tensor series and I can vouch that these speakers are excellent. I would describe the sound as neutral, extended, and very much a full range experience (as in, it goes up, and it goes down). The midrange and top end are particularly good - clean, airy, and uncoloured.

This is not a speaker that colours the sound, so to some it may lack warmth and sound a bit analytical. However I now believe that you should get the most neutral speaker possible. If you like a bit of colouration (as I do) then it should be done via electronics. In this case, use a tube preamp.