AD 1852 CHIP

I've noticed this chip being used in some of the more modern DAC's. Can anyone give me more information about this chip and it's advantages when used in DAC's? Thanks much.
Here are links to an overview, pricing, and datasheet:

Based on a quick look at these documents, I would think that a lot of the reasons for its popularity are non-sonic: It is pretty much self-contained (not needing external supporting circuitry such as a current-to-voltage converter); it uses a single 5 volt power supply; it can handle all standard resolutions and sample rates up to 24 bits/192kHz/2 channels; and it is inexpensive ($5.57 in 1000+ quantities).

I have no knowledge of what kind of sound quality it can provide when used in a good design.

-- Al

Thank you so much for this feedback and information. I will look now.