Hello everyone

I am getting back into hifi classical after a 30 year break running a business etc. Now retired I am looking to get my old Acustat Model X electrostatic speakers working again. They started to crackle a bit at the high end and I was told they needed cleaning but I never knew how to do it so abandoned them.

They have been looked after so should work again but does anyone know how to clean the membranes? I was told it would be due to dust.

If there is anyone in England who could do it I'd be happy to pay. Alternatively I'd have a go myself being reasonably handy with a workshop available.

Does anyone have a service or maintenance manual?

Thank you

Harvey Bowden




Hi -

The manuals do seem to be available with a little digging -

There also seem to be some YouTube videos out there.  

Best regards,


Hi Rich

Thank. you for responding. Helpful. The best bit being the correct spelling!

I have written to a Roy Eposito in Florida and hope to hear from him.

So it is looking promising.

If anyone else is looking, is there a modern speaker as good as the old Model X for clarity and base all in one?

Thank you


Decades ago I had 2+2s with both servo amps and the interfaces with Medallion transformers. Great sound