Acurus P10

I just got a used Acurus P10.

Does anyone happen to have a User's Manual they can share?

Now I'm getting a new turntable.  Any suggestions for something to pair with the Acurus P10 phono amp?

I will be using with Acurus A150 power amp, RL 11 pre-amp, B&W 805's.


Try looking for your manual at
Thanks, I found a "manual".  It's only two pages.  But includes the info I need to adjust the unit.

Now I just need to narrow down a turntable, etc. 
What is your turntable budget?

Turntable budget is roughly $750 - $1,500.  Considering either used or new.  Looking generally at Thorens, Music Hall, Denon, Technics.
Stretch your budget a little. This is a great table.
You should also look at Pro-Ject turntables. I think they make the Music Hall line.