Acurus or Parasound

Greetings fellow Audiogoners!

Looking to buy either a Parasound HCA 2200II or an Acurus A250...which is the better buy and why?

Thank you in advance for your feedback.
I would go with the Parasound. THe Acurus was very good but the Aragon was better. Plus getting an Acurus repaired now could prove to be dificult because I think that the A250 was pre-Klipsch Acurus. The Parasound should prove to be bullet-proof but can still be repaired by Parasound should it be needed.

Plus I think that the 2200 could drive a dumptruck if it was asked to (and make it sound good).

Good luck!
steve donaldson from aragon can still repair acurus equipment. he is a moderator on the klipsch website forum. i owned an acurus 200five amp. it was a great amp for the price. bignerd100 is right though, pre-klipsch aragon was much better. my acurus has a capacitor discharge whine on shut down that i didn't care for.
The A250 will continue playing for a solid 60 seconds after being turned off with efficent speakers. With something like a Klipsch you could probably listen for half an hour on the stored charge.
I would go with the Parasound as well, havine had Parasound, Acurus A250, and Aragon 4004 MK II, the Parasound house sound is more to my liking. The Acurus amps are a little harsh in the upper mids and highs, and yes the 'run down' when you turn it off is a little annoying. I always thought that was just poor design on their part. The Aragon's never did that.
I am not very familiar with Acurus, but I am very impressed with Parasound. I have an HCA-1200 II that is very similar in age and design to the 2200 II, and it continues to amaze me with the dynamics, clarity, and detail. It drives a pair of B&W N804's, which require a lot of juice to really sing, and it does so effortlessly. The amp was originally hooked up to an old Harmon Kardon receiver that had been in the closet for awhile. I bought a Parasound P/SP 1500 preamp on 'Gon for $200 and the first time I played a tune with the Parasound amp/pre combo I almost fell on the floor. Even the wife came in and remarked on how awesome it was. Just thought you might like to know about the synergy when hooked to a Parasound pre.
Having had an Acurus 250, I feel you can not go wrong with it. Drove my NHT 2.9s which were power hungry very well. It has a great built quality and really a great taste of getting into better gear. Only ever had a problem with the power on/off indicator light. Which was replaced by myself with part from Acurus easily. Having said such, you may be better off going with the Parasound, it has always had a great rep, and has shown to yet be in production.
Well the Parasound HAS to be better because I had an A250 and it was too bright, among other things. Whatever the opposite of musical and non-fatuiging is, that's the Acurus. I have a 70 watt Sherwood receiver from 1983 that sounds better and is nearly as strong.
I have a Parasound HCA-2200 Mk2 and I wouldn't trade it for a spotted hog. My Apogee ribbon speakers need a lot of current, and the HCA-2200 delivers, definitely. John Curl designed this amp (as well as other Parasounds) and it's quite an incredible piece of equipment.

It does seem particularly bomb proof. I took it to the local authorized Parasound shop to get it serviced when I bought it. The tech tightened the grounds and told me he dind't think that he would ever have to do any serious work on it. He said that they just don't break and they have very high quality parts. I've owned many other amps, most were more expensive than the Parasound. But the Parasound is exactly what I need for my speakers and it's performance/cost ratio is off the charts.
I have a Parasound HCA-2200 Mk2, it has a right channel hum and has been that way for over 8 years. I tried to tighten the external screws, but still have the hum. The amplifier did handle my Kappa 8 speakers, notorious for eating amplifiers and now, needing only one pair of big speakers, I use it to power my Infinity RSIIB bass, never using its full capacity, but the hum is annoying.

I never liked the Acurus and having moved down from Threshold and Krell, I think the Parasound is a real bargain!