Acurus or ATI or Adcom ?? help.

My choices are;

Plan A:

Buy 3 USED Adcom 555-II for $1500. 200W/channel,
6 channels total.

Plan B:

But two USED Acurus A200X3 for $2200. 200W/channel, 6 channels total.

Plan C:

Buy a NEW ATI-2505 for $2100. 250W/channel,
5 channels total.

Plan D:

Buy a USED Cinepro 2K5-II for $1800. 200W/channel, 5 channels (actually it's 6 channels, the center channel is over 400W.

I've eliminated Anthem and B&K from my list
and I prefer the ATI 2505 over the Parasound's
similar model.

After reviewing your various alternatives, I have a couple of thoughts/observations;

1. Plan A: you should be able to get the 3 used Adcom 555's
for around $1200, and maybe less. I have owned the 555, the 555-II, and currently have an Adcom 5503 driving my center and rear channel speakers. If you shop hard, you may be able to get a 5500 and a 5503 (giving you 5 channels) for around $1550, which I think is a better system.

2. The Acurus A200x3 is probably the best 3-channel amp value on your list, but unless you need 6 channels, why not get the A200x3 and the regular A200? Acurus makes excellent equipment (it's the "little brother" to the Aragon line, both built by Mondial).

3. If you are going to buy new equipment, I'd recommend some further shopping beyond the ATI. There are some 5-channel home theater amps in this price range that are a better buy. If you want to REALLY save money, check out Outlaw's 5-channel amp for $1100 new.

Of the various options you listed, I'd probably go with the Acurus as my first choice, and the Adcom as #2.
In my initial post, I should also have suggested two other amps that you should consider: the Rotel line (a value leader), and the new line of Marsh amps.