acurus dia100mk2 or audiolab 8000LX

i need to find an amp to match with my system: Marantz CD17 and B&W DM602S3. My current choices are acurus DIA-100 MKII , acurus DIA-100 and audiolab 8000LX. Can anyone provide some feedback on this issue. thanks.
I have a Marantz CD17 KI with B&W 602S3 Speakers hooked up to an old Quad 33/303 amp and they sound killer.
I have Audiolab 8000LX. It drives my Michael Green Rev.80i speakers very well.The speakers are 89db,two driver design with 8" Vifa mid/bass and 1" silk tweeter.Considering that it usually costs $350 or so used,this is an outstanding value.Classical British sound with excellent,especially for a 60watt/ch.integrated,bass;90watt/ch with 6ohm speakers.Reliability is great so far; I've had it for 5 years since bought new, no problems at all.I use it every day.Runs a little hot but not as hot as some others.The rest of the system is CEC belt drive player,Purist Audio Maximus interconnect and Purist Audio Colossus speaker cables.I have no intention of upgrading it until I can afford Rowland,Gryphon integrateds or, possibly,Audiolab(top of the line) or Naim separates.Make note that it does not have a phono stage.
I used to sell the both and ALWAYS sold the Audiolab off of the Dia. In a side by side comparison, with any combination, the Audiolab always spanked the Dia. The Audiolab was emotional and involving while the Dia was a little dry.
I used to own the DIA-100, it is somewhat thin sounding with B&W CDM-1nt's. There was a marked improvement, deeper bass, less shrill highs in going to the Rotel RA-1070 integrated. The sound is warmer with the Rotel than the DIA.