Acurus DIA 150 listening impressions

I was hoping some owners of the Acurus DIA 150 could describe the characteristics of this integrated amp. I own Platinum Audio Solo's, and this piece seems to be a very logical choice. Some have said that the DIA 150 is a little bright which could be good since the Solo's are laid back. Any and all impressions of this amp would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Chris.
I had this combo before (among others....see your other post) and this was a good combo for the money. If that is all you can afford, it may be one of the only solutions for now. Although when upgrading to an Aragon 8008bb the difference was stunning, but so was the price difference.

I also was able to compare the DIA 150 to the Parasound HCA 1000A/Acurus RL-10 preamp combo and much preferred the latter.
Hi, I have the Acurus RL-10 preamp for $225 if you want a quality, economical transistor preamp. This retired preamp did well in my small room with either a tube Sound Valves or a transistor Quad amp driving the Solo's. As you know, I am a proponent of tube amplifier for a more rich, involving experience in the moderate price ( used price ) range of amps. _Platsolos_ is guiding you to try to really get the very best transistor amp you can afford if you want a great transistor experience. I think the speakers really open up and strut their stuff if you can afford something like a big, expensive Aragon which was used to demo these speakers in a nearby audio salon when Platinum was a new company with high speaker list prices to match. With your Platinum Solo bargain speakers you are now assembling a moderate cost system. Your sense of achieving something special for your money may still be best served in nearfield listening with a quality used tube amp. In Audio, tube true believers really have enjoyment (without frustration at being the poor cousin) spending what is in your budget. If you can find the recommended Parasound known to _Platsolos_ then I have the recommended Acurus preamp to complete a fine, entry level transistor powered system. Instead, if you find a suitable tube amp you will also be happy. I still hope more Audiogon members will recommend moderate cost hardware yielding enjoyable Platinum Solo sound. I think then you could try to emulate their good experience within your own budget.
IMHO the DIA 150 is a powerfull gutsy performer for the money, but a bit on chalky in the upper range.