Acurus DIA 100 questions

I have a Acurus DIA 100 coming this week and I have
heard it is a great amp,but very sensitive to system
matching.I would like to know what other kind of equipment
some other DIA 100 owners are using with the unit.
What CD players,loudspeakers,etc?
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I have never owned this piece, but have heard it in a number of systems, though I can't remember the other components. My recollection was that you should be carefull to avoid anything with a rough midrange through treble. The plus, was an amazing ability (this is a passive intergrated after all) to really take control of the range from midrange down. Sources should have a strong output with low out impedance. Short low capacitance cables are in order. A good unit for systems with a smooth top end that needs control of the bottom. Good listening.