Acurus ACT 4 firmware update problem/question to owners


I have an Acurus ACT 4 (16 channel) with some software bugs. A few specific menu points hang the device screen so that it has to switched off with the back panel power button.

I'm trying to resolve it with the firmware update, but can't understand how the hell it works. I select the update menu on a device, then it asks to connect the flashcard and then nothing happens.

Can anybody please help me to understand how the firmware update works on the ACT and/or probably share your experience resolving software bugs?
I have the ACT4 20 channels

switch off the unit with the rear panel power button.
switch off all the sources , power amps and subwoofer, TV etc
connect your computer to the ACT4 with mini USB cable
switch on the ACT4 with the rear button
run the msi.exe file ( the firmware ) on your computer
you will see an icon of the ACT4 and a firmware number on the computer screen
click on the firmware number
The unit will turn off and on several time by itself.
it takes about 40 minutes for the firmware to be installed.

you can always ask your dealer to do it for you with Team Viewer
ACT4  can be diagnosed with Team Viewer . 
They provide a very good service

Every time there is a firmware update , I have to read again the note about the way to do it.
But once you have done it right, the firmware update is rather easy.

Good luck

Thanks a lot!

But one more stupid question: 🙂 where do you get firmware update file?  My search was unsuccessful so far. 
Ask your dealer or EMail Indy Audio Labs

The firmware update is not on their web site
They should send you by EMail , the firmware and some pdf files
that will show you how to procede. It is always that way.
You need a laptop ( I use Windows ) , a mini USB to USB cable

have the serial number of your unit  with you , when you will EMail them

Oh... these guys know how to complicate simple things :))

Thank you for clarifications!
Have you tried ´´ Factory Reset ´´  for the bugs  ?

Does not help, unfortunately. 
I hope those issues will be solved .
Christmas is coming and with Covid confinement ; we need our gears   to work flawlessly.

The good point is that if you have to ship your ACT4 , for repair , they will  upgrade it to 20 channels at no cost.You five years  warranty is reset
As long as you are the original owner. The warranty is not transferable .

All the best

I do hope to solve them too. But after your comment sending the device to service and upgrade is tempting too :)))

I have tried to find text where it is written that the 20 channels upgrade is free.  Without success.
But , I am shure , I have once read it.
So , confirmation about that from Indy Audio Labs is required.

Let us know , if every things  turn out right for you.
Yep. Spent two days testing, no bugs noticed. Some steps in the menu take time, but that’s expected from a computer-like devise. 
Main problem was to reach Acurus people since I did not receive any response to my email to support@

However, after the contact was established with you help, they were very helpful. 
Update procedure was set up in the most complicated way possible, however there was nothing unusual to the advanced Windows/Linux/Mac user. 😂

It seems like I will also have a chance to test Aragon Iridium monoblocks soon 😉. Those are out of my budget, but I’m very tempted to give them a weekly run with ACT4 at my home.

I am glad your issues  are solved
The 20 channels upgrade kit improves something in the DSP  or 
something else ( I am realy not technical )
It allows you to use the incoming ASPECT  room corrector.
There is a HDMI upgrade availlable also .( 8K  , E arc ) 
Imax Enhance  and DTS X Pro  hardware upgrade is  coming .
I think , they don’t beleive much in Auro 3D format.

Fortunatly , the ACT4 , is upgradebale .  Future inovations will be