Acurus ACT-3 volume knob question

I've lost the volume knob to my acurus act-3 preamp processor. I took the knob off when it became loose, and carried it to the store with me so I could get the proper hex wrench size to tighten it. Somehow I managed to lose the darn knob in transit. Anyone know where I can get a replacement?

Thanks in advance.
check out the klipsch website forum. there is an aragon section. email or call steve donaldson. he is the go to guy for aragon/acurus repairs and questions.
I checked with him and he said that these parts are no longer available.
well, next to buying a new act-3 just for the knob, i think your best bet is to locate a local machine shop and give them the specs needed to make you a new knob. otherwise, just check around and see what you can put in there that'll work.