Acurus ACT 3 Modifications

Acurus Act 3 with ABM, INCLUDING the upgrade modification to 24bit DAC's and 6 channel input. Does anyone know if this mod is still being done, and what this modification actually involves? Also what do people with this mod think of it? Thank You
I got it done when they first offered it. Well worth it!
The whole guts basically were changed. The outside was the only thing that remained the same. I considered upgrading before the mod but I'm glad that I stuck with the Act III. All of the little quirks were eliminated with the upgrade. As far as availability, I don't think that the mod is around anymore. At the time, I remember only having a few months to do it. I would give Klipsch a call and see if you can do it. It is alot cheaper than buying something else of the same quality. Good luck!