acurus a250 left channel has no output

I don't know what the problem is the right channel plays music just fine but the left channel makes no sound not even buzzing. I was wondering what the problem could be?
Swap your speaker cables just to make sure the amp is really the problem, and then start looking for fuses.
If the amp is anything like their DIA, I agree with Zd, it is possible you blew an internal fuse (my friend had a DIA that did this on a few occasions).
There are two 6amp fuses for each channel out. If your lucky you blew one. Easy enough to replace once the lids off.
Thank you so much!!! I opened the top and found the fuse blown.

Glad you got your problem solved. I have owned over 12 Acurus amps in the last six years and currently own 2 and have never had any issues at all with them.