Acurus A200five


I am putting together a 5.1 home theater system and have an opportunity to pick up an Acurus 200five locally to me. The heat sinks are faded for some reason (not sure what would cause that) but other than that it looks and works good. They are asking $775 but will come down a little on the price. 
Is that a decent deal for the 200five?

Also considering a new Outlaw 5000x.

Thanks for any input. 
I suspect that what you are thinking is the A200five is actually the A125x5 amp. It’s the same case size and same single shared power supply as the A200, but having to power five small amp boards that are bolted to the side heat sinks of the amp. If this is the amp you are looking at (which I think it is based on the selling price), then I think the Outlaw would actually do better. For one thing, the Acurus is really old and probably has degraded electrolytic capacitors that need to be replaced. Second, the power supply sections on the Outlaw are much better designed. A transformer that is twice as large. Then individual power supply sections for each amp board.  Here's an excellent review of the 5000 which gets more into the technical aspects:

Acurus does have a newer amp called the A2005. It’s a true 200 watt per channel, but I don’t think that’s what you’re looking at because it’s newer and has a retail of $4500. So, the used price is not going to be anywhere near $700.
Thanks for the reply & input.

This is not the newer Acurus amp, but they did make an older 200x5 channel amp called the 200five.

Here's a photo of it: Acurus 200five

And thanks for the link to the Outlaw review!
I owned a 200FIVE several years ago. It was a really good multi-channel amplifier, but it had an annoying whine upon shut down. I think it was the caps discharging. Still, it was a good amplifier. However, it's quite an old design/unit and if you can get the Outlaw for nearly the same price, I would advise going with that. 
Thanks, kgturner.

I decided against the Acurus and went with the Outlaw.