Acurus A-150 v. Musical Fidelity X-150

I'm asking for the expert forum members' advice: Would I benefit, or actually degrade, if I used my Musical Fidelity X-150 as a preamp with an Acurus A-150 power amp, or should I leave the Musical Fidelity running as it's integrated self?
Jim Tremblay
The best thing to do is try it an listen. If you are short on power it might be can improvement though I doubt it.

It depends on the rest of your system and matching. The X-150 has an odd sound with a pinched upper midrange but it is still pleasant to listen to. The Acurus is harsh and bright with a metallic, spitty top end. This works if your speakers are soft and lifeless but if they are detailed it will bite your head off.
I tend to agree with both Narrod and Duane, but I wanted to ask some opinions before I bother pulling things apart and fiddling around. The Acurus, I should think, would benefit greatly from a tube preamp.
I agree that tubes might help the Acurus. I'm not sure it will sound better than the integrated alone. If you own both
it's worth a try.

Sell 'em both and get a Nuforce integrated. Or Bryston, if your preference runs more to something like that. Why put up with spitty sibilants on one hand and midrange glare on the other? Get something that's neutral, fast, and yet relaxed and natural sounding, with the ability to deliver gobs of current instantaneously into reactive loads. If you sell both units you can probably get the NuForce for very little additional cash outlay.

The new crop of integrateds--with the advantage of a hardwired preamp-to-amp connection--have a level of transparency that is difficult to duplicate with full separates without some really expensive interconnects. The new crop of ICE-module integrateds packages smooth neutrality, tubelike low level detail, high power and gobs of current in low-profile, sexy enclosures.