Actively bi-amping B&W Matrix 800's

Does anyone have any knowledge about this speaker being modified with active crossovers so that you can bi-amp. I've read that Dan D-Agostino of Krell used to have a pair done this way by using his KBX crossover with excellent results. Is it still available? Other options? Any information would be helpful.
I read somewhere that B&W allows you to Bi-Amp but you still go through one half of a passive least you reduce IMD distortion that way but you don't make it a whole lot easier of a load to drive.

Full Actives are possible but are probably best left to be designed properly by the manufacurer besides if you monkey around with the internal guts of the speaker then surely you will affect the resale value (if you are honest about it when/if you come to sell)
I have done just that. Biggest improvement that I have ever made to my system.

First you need to find a KBX. Although, no longer made, they do occasionally come up used, and on this site. (they were about $4500 when production stopped)
Any KBX will do, as Krell will make a custom board for the 800's (which include a free bass alignment filter).

When they make the board, they will send you Dan's white paper on exactly how to make the easy modifications to your speakers. If they don't, you can get it from me.

The sound improvement is remarkable, and definitely worth the wait for a used unit.

Good hunting, and feel free to contact me.

The mid and hi pass filter for the B&W Matrix 800 are of very high quality. The mids and highs sound very transparent even when driven passively.
IMHO, the majority of the current drawn from amps goes to the woofers therfore just going active with the 'Bass' is an effective and wise move.

BTW, does KBX have both RCA and balanced in/outputs ?
I have the 800's actively biamped with the KBX. The best improvement that I ever made to my system. I upgraded from the regular 800's. I did the conversion myself using Dan's directions.

Unfortunately, the KBX is no longer made, but you can find used units. I think Krell will make the board for it, but you should ask them.

I have never heard a speaker under $75,000 that bettered my 800's.

Feel free to contact me for any info.