active X-over

Hi guys,would anybody know of the effects of connecting a
Active X-over with speakers that have passive X-overs in them already.
My DD-15 subs X-over will be disabled.I will be going from my prepro out to Ext X-over inputs,X-over sub low pass outs to sub input,X-over highpass outs to 7B-sst mono blocks.
my mains are revel(50as) and I assume should be set to large as to send all low end to mains,Thanks for any thoughts.
??? Is your crossover for the sub/main separation? If so, then the Revel crossovers must remain intact and will not interact with it.

Setting your main speakers to large is, of course, necessary.

Of course, all this suggests that you are NOT using the bass management in your prepro, so I have to ask why not? What do you hope to gain by using the external crossover?

It looks like your external crossover is doing bass management, so as Kal said you have to keep the passive crossovers in the main speakers. And, to parrot Kal again, since you have a pre/pro, why are you using an external bass managment controller?

I've done what you're doing several times (once using Bryston 7B SST monoblocks), but in a 2.1 analog system. What I noticed when doing this was an increase in clarity from the main speakers.
Hi guys,the 10b-sub X-over is for the sub-main separation.
And no,I'm not using bass management as I'm telling my pre that I don't have a sub(but I do)so with my speakers set to large ,all my lowend is going to my mains and the 10B controling what I give the sub.I'd never take out the passive X-overs in the Revels.I'd go with active speakers before I'd do that.I'll definately check that route out later as more cash comes in.
As to why I'm trying out a external X-over,to see if I get more improvement.I'm sure the Bryston X-over is superior to the Velodyne,Don't get me wrong I like what the Velodyne is doing but if I can get more QUALITY(hopefully)great,if not then I'll know and I'll sell the 10B.
Bob,do you think if the 10B is dialed in proper that I should get improvement,thanks for the replies back guys,
This his been nagging me for quite awhile.
Yes but you haven't said why you are not simply using the bass management in your prepro. Also, can we assume you are using the EQ in the Velodyne?

Yes I am(as little as possible,using the EQ,I'm hoping the 10B X-over is superior to my prepro also.
To me the signal has to go thru the prepros bass management(
or not)or the subs bass maagement.I could be wrong,but if the signal goes thru the 10B,I'm hoping for more quality.To me it's like replacing a average component and upgrading to something of way higher quality and hopefully quality bass while freeing up my mains of lowend. Another way, say if I was using lampcord for speaker wires instead of Cardas GRCS
Quality piece, hopefully gives you quality sound
which depending on all my other sources.I'll know soon enough.
I think the only way to tell would be to take some measurements. I don't think I tell purely by ear.

Typically the biggest problem in full range free standing speakers is the broad suckout somewhere between 100 and 300 HZ - it can be a real devil of a problem and it is near universal too. In some cases a 12 db crossover on the sub may work better than a 24 db filter typically from a pre. You need to try it and see...but I'd recommend measurements and trying all kinds of positions for your sub too - ultimately positioning may be the most important factor overall...
To me the signal has to go thru the prepros bass management(
or not)or the subs bass maagement.I could be wrong,but if the signal goes thru the 10B,I'm hoping for more quality.To me it's like replacing a average component and upgrading to something of way higher quality and hopefully quality bass while freeing up my mains of lowend.

If you are passing the signals through the pre/pros DSP, it will make little difference to the signal "quality" (whatever that means) if you choose or avoid a simple function like bass management. I do not know what prepro you are using but I can think of many better ways to use the money you are spending on the 10B. (Not that I dislike that device but I would see it as more appropriate in an entirely analog system.)

I have found the best position for the sub using the mike and the display from the DD-15.I put the sub where I sit and with the DD graph on my tv screen I walked around the room to see where I could get the flattest response and that's where the sub went.
I am using a Arcam av-8 prepro and I'm going stereo direct(bypassing all digital)my cdp is a bryston BCD-1,
I'm using the analog outs of the cdp and into the analog in the Av-8,utilizing the dacs in the BCD-1,which I find superb.quality signal to me is,free off as much distortion,noise or what ever else gets in the way.the sound of am radio compared to FM or even sattalite radio.
I got a great deal on the 10b and I'll have her in a few days,as I say we'll see.
Drummer, my comment about clarity was due to high passing the main speakers, i.e., removing the bass from them. It was not meant to indicate anything about analog vs digital bass management.

Given a digital source and an AV pre/pro, I'd let the pre/pro do all the bass management in the digital domain. If the pre/pro also has room correction, then you'd definitely want to take advantage of it. If the pre/pro doesn't have room correction, then utilize the sub's EQ.

I own two analog bass management controllers only because I have an analog preamp. I don't know of any other reason to use analog bass management.
Hi Bob,that,s what i'll be doing also is highpassing my 50as.
I just figure that the 10B should be superior to the Av-8s internal X-over+the DDs X-over.I like what I have so far as sound goes,I'm thinking maybe I can squeeze more out of her.
True my Av-8 is not all analog,when I do run her in bypass mode she's very quiet.I just think if the sound is going thru a Quality piece,then I'm hoping my music will benefit.
to me it's about the music,if I can get a smidge more Quality sound using the 10B,great.To me it is worth it to purchase whatever to hearing a nice sounding bass or vocals ect.I even did this on audiocircle,some say why am I doing it this ,just stick to what you haveand some say try it.
I am running as Analog as I can as far as my cdp(analog outs,using the Bcd-1s dacs into analog inputs on the Av-8.
definately not pure analog.Maybe the Bryston SP3 will have a pure analog section,she won't be on market for awhile yet.I could run her thru my PH-stage(Allnic-1200)tubes.
Just looking a little music upgrade that's it,I guess I need a total analog system and a digital system,then I'd need @x the amps,speakers ect,Bob,when I receive the 10B and try it out for a few days and let you know,Don
At least if your test provides a null result it will have been worth it - just the peace of mind knowing you are not short changing yourself with pre. I have done tons of of A/B testing and it helps to use the remote and to try and do things blind if you can...often sighted tests result in a preference whereas blind tests result in a shrug of the shoulders...
True enough,PEACE OF MIND and then active speakers,will this ever end,I hope not, she's too much fun,and the blind testing is a very good way of testing,shutting out everything but the music,Thanks for that one.