Active vs. Passive ?

Which do you prefer and why.I'm looking to buy a set of Tannoy near field monitors.The Reveal series.

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I currently own passive but I think the future is with active speakers - I've heard the Tannoy active speakers and they sounded quite good - almost all pro studio monitors use active speakers, and as consumers, there are quite a few to choose from like Genelec, and PMC, and many others.
I believe PMC active speakers are using Bryston amps - I believe Paradigm active speakers were also using Bryston amps - as I understand it. What amps are Meridian active or ATC active speakers using?
I bet if you took a stupidly expensive solid state amp and placed it behind a curtain with five other solid state amps of various prices and ask someone to identify the most expensive and the least expensive - nine out of ten people couldn't do it. Almost any idiot could identify the difference between a SS and Tube amp. Point is, I would be more concerned how the speakers sound and much less concerned about the amp. Go Active