Active subwoofer or means of better bass

Hello,I'm looking for solutions for better bass. I will be using a totally rebuilt and upgraded Dynaco ST-70 with a Sound Valves 101i Vac Tube Preamp. I will also be using a Rega Planar 3 and Elys cart.The CD is CAL Icon MKII with a CAL Sigma II DAC.Should I go with an active subwoofer to free up more transformers to more midrange and highs, or is there a better way to achieve this, thanks, Curt.
get a pair of vmps subs - the larger, if ya have the room. cross them over w/a marchand xm9 24db/octave active x-over. power the subs w/a good used solid-state amp, like an adcom gfa555/parasound/aragon/rotel/etc. a good active x-over (db systems & bryston are also nice) w/a decent amp will be *much* better than any amp/x-over included in active subs. use two subs for audio - one sub will distort the soundstage/imaging. doug (my opinions, btw! ;~) )
Use a DBX sw-15 dual voice coil subwoofer (15") powered by a DBX MPA 150 subwoofer amp which has built in crossover and pass-throughs for the Rega Planars. That will give you all the bass you need and free up the Dynaco to drive the Rega Planar 3.
hi drgammel, curtis' rega planar 3 is a turntable, curtis dint tell us what his main speakers are... ;~) regarding dbx, i respect their electronix, but i still feel better-quality would be obtained from a good dedicated x-over & a separate amp. and, two subs is better than one. regards, doug