Active speakers with 15" woofers, need a list

I am trying to put a list together of active speakers with powered 15" woofers or dual 12" powered woofers. Before you ask, room size is not an issue, it is not part of any equation right now. In addition, there is no price point, anything from the lowest price point to the highest point. I am simply conducting a comparison and contrast of these types of speakers based on technologies and prices associated with the technologies used to manufacture these types of speakers. I have begun research on some speakers, but there is no way I am going to find all these types of speakers on my own, hence my request for help. Thanks in advance.
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Many of the designs in the top studios around the world use pro speakers that are active and with 15" woofer(s) for the bass. It is neither a cheap nor an aesthetic approach but if you want to make absolutely no compromises regarding sound quality then it is the best way to go.
Do a search for JL audio Fathoms!
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GR Research (I think I have that right) sells a kit for an open baffle speaker that has dual 12" powered woofers and a 12" co-ax. Heard it at RMAF and it ROCKED!!! when driven by Gary Dodd's 18wpc el-84 amp.
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Slightly off topic - classical music magazines have, of late, recommended active speakers. I believe Gramaphone did so in a recent issue and BBC Music just did a three speaker recomendation - Epoz in entry level and mid level (price) and AVI for what they termed hi end. This may be a trend. An interesting tie-in with some other recent topics on A'gon in which individuals noted that a roomful of equipment may not be the choice of the future. (Of course the 15 inch woofer models are not small) - The active models not only offer optimal matching of components and reduction in certain types of distortion but also a self contained pair of boxes.
If I were you I would look at pro audio speakers. There are many nice active studio monitors. Like the ADAM S6X with two 12" woofers or the ADAM S7A mk2 with 2 15" woofers.