Active Speakers: The usual suspects ....

I'm interested in purchasing 'active' loudspeakers for a planned surround system. Although the "usual suspects" such as Quad, JBL, Dynaudio, KRK, Genelec, ATC, and PMC are ALL good/great speakers, I am wondering if there are other active speakers to consider that I haven't listed?

I did listen to DigiDesign RM2 active speakers designed by PMC. I felt, like many of the reviewers have stated, that they were overpriced at $3500 pr (and out of my price range).

Again, I'm seeking a suggestion or two concerning active monitors that might not be as well known as those I've listed.

Any and all comments appreciated.

Thank You
these are supposedly the cat's meow in pro studios:

i want to check out a pair myself!
Yeah the MM27 is king of meter bridge monitors for sure - in the tight accurate deep bass department.

A substantial heavy bookshelf sized monitor but with the kind of quality bass at SPL's you normally only get from large 100 liter+ big box cabinets. They are competely void of that typical muddy ported bass sound that you get from almost all ported two way monitors with impressive bass extension.

Barefoot are critcially damped Q=0.71. The subwoofer is actually a SEALED box. You are talking very high quality bass here in a small package. Of course SPL will still be limited/constrained by Hoffman's Law (efficiency of a woofer system is directly proportional to its cabinet volume and the cube of its cutoff frequency) but it is King of anything that size for sure!

IMHO, the raves are justified as there is really nothing like it in the monitor size of speaker unless you add a high sealed quality subwoofer. I think I have heard them called "near-field monitors on steroids". Great choice if you like totally realistic drums.
Thank you for the recommendation. Unfortunately, the MM27 comes in at $7,000 pair (street price), which is way out of my price range, although Shadorne is correct, they've received rave reviews.
Unfortunately, the MM27 comes in at $7,000 pair (street price), which is way out of my price range

Yes - but look at what you get for all that! Plug in an iPod into these babies and you will be in serious rock heaven - nothing else required! Jack Black eat your heart out. Four ten inch woofers - OMG - absolutely ideal for highest quality rocking out in a small space! Despite the high price tag this is actually pretty good value.

In my next life I want an iPod and a pair of these in my college dorm room. ;-)
Shadorne- would they be good for audiophile listening? or is it strictly for nearfield monitoring.