Active Speakers: The usual suspects ....

I'm interested in purchasing 'active' loudspeakers for a planned surround system. Although the "usual suspects" such as Quad, JBL, Dynaudio, KRK, Genelec, ATC, and PMC are ALL good/great speakers, I am wondering if there are other active speakers to consider that I haven't listed?

I did listen to DigiDesign RM2 active speakers designed by PMC. I felt, like many of the reviewers have stated, that they were overpriced at $3500 pr (and out of my price range).

Again, I'm seeking a suggestion or two concerning active monitors that might not be as well known as those I've listed.

Any and all comments appreciated.

Thank You
I hate to ask: Is that critically important?

Not critical - digital filters are more powerful and flexible than real circuits - but both need to be carefully designed - digital filters can introduce distortion that is unrelated to the music (truncation) and odd effects like pre-ringing and they can do tricks like linear phase - analog circuits however tend to produce harmonic distortion from non-linearities (less of a problem as it is related to the music). In a good design whether you have digital filtering or analog is a minor issue - as the filters will likely be simple and robust. If A to D or D to A conversion frightens you (it shouldn't) then stick to Analog Active speakers.

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Check out these:

Websites also contain good information.
Shadorne: Thanks for the in-depth info, although I'm not sure I totally understand everything.

One of the reviewers of the DigiDesign RM2 by PMC stated this: "Unlike analog active speakers, the Digidesign/PMC speaker converts the analog to digital to enable high frequency and low frequency control, as well as the crossover, bass-port emulation and speaker gain. The digital signal is converted back to analog before the final amplifier stage."

He goes on to say "Many speakers companies convert analog to digital in their active speaker systems, and I can attest that many sound very good. But I have talked to high-end engineers who say that multiple stages of digital conversion within a speaker could have a subtle, perhaps audibly degrading effect that could offset the excellent crossover performance capable in a digital design."

I believe you are saying the same thing. I am going back and forth between the Focal, DigiDesign, and possibly one of the baby PMC monitors.
I believe you are saying the same thing. I am going back and forth between the Focal, DigiDesign, and possibly one of the baby PMC monitors.

Yes I am saying - that you should not base your decision on the active filter design (Digital or analog active) - BOTH can be excellent - so just choose what speaker rocks your boat.

The other factors in speaker design will be far far more important than this particular point - also be careful - picking up any active speaker is NOT likely to automatically be better than a good passive one - there are a great many fantastic sounding passive speakers as well as all too many poor sounding cheap active speakers targeted for low cost PC based mini home studios market - so whatever you do - LET YOUR EARS DECIDE.