Active speakers: Audioengine vs other brands. Opinions?

A friend of mine asked me about alternatives to the Audioengine A5 active speakers. He wants a pair of good sounding powered monitors with the classic/traditional looks (his wife must match the speakers with the room decoration...). Besides the Audioengine I'm only familiar with the new Dali Zensor 1 AX, but I know there are plenty of good boxes from a variety of brands (KEF, Focal, Klipsch, ...).
Any suggestions?
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IMHO, the Paradigm Shift is one of the best active speakers available.

VERY nice!  Excellent reviews too.
You could check out powered studio monitors for m-audio, Samson, Adam, jbl, etc.. Often good value, but I'm not sure if the cabinets will pass the WAF test.
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Another mention for Dynaudio , though there are a couple models. I particularly liked the the class A/B  BM6MKIII actives vs the D powered 5's.
In fact I didn't know about active/powered differences. Good to learn. 
Another vote for Dynaudio. The Xeo and Focus XD series 'can' also be wireless.