Active speakers: Audioengine vs other brands. Opinions?

A friend of mine asked me about alternatives to the Audioengine A5 active speakers. He wants a pair of good sounding powered monitors with the classic/traditional looks (his wife must match the speakers with the room decoration...). Besides the Audioengine I'm only familiar with the new Dali Zensor 1 AX, but I know there are plenty of good boxes from a variety of brands (KEF, Focal, Klipsch, ...).
Any suggestions?
IMHO, the Paradigm Shift is one of the best active speakers available.

VERY nice!  Excellent reviews too.
You could check out powered studio monitors for m-audio, Samson, Adam, jbl, etc.. Often good value, but I'm not sure if the cabinets will pass the WAF test.
It may not make any difference to you, but there's a distinction between active speakers and powered speakers. Audioengine uses passive crossovers and houses the amp in one cabinet. For a casual computer based audio system, they are fine. For a serious audio system, consider active studio monitors from professional audio companies.

KEF and Dynaudio have active designs targeting non-pro audio enthusiasts. 
Another mention for Dynaudio , though there are a couple models. I particularly liked the the class A/B  BM6MKIII actives vs the D powered 5's.
In fact I didn't know about active/powered differences. Good to learn. 

Another vote for Dynaudio. The Xeo and Focus XD series 'can' also be wireless.