Active Speakers and USB DAC Question

I've been really close to purchasing a pair of the NHT M-00 active speakers and their S-20 subwoofer and a Benchmark DAC1 USB. I have four digital sources -- my computer, a CD player and a pair of satellite radios and no analogue inputs.

The all-in cost for this setup would be about $2500.

Benchmark sells complete systems with the DynAudio BM 5A monitors for about the same price.

Any thoughts on the DynAudio monitors vs. the NHT setup?

Are there alternatives to the DAC or monitors that I should consider that will handle the four digital sources and be within the ballpark of the cost of the configurations I'm considering?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

-- Rich
Has anyone had a chance to compare the NHT monitors and the Audio Engine A2 or A5 active speakers?