Active Speakers

Besides the ATC Active 10 speaker what others suggestions in active speakers are there? They need to be bookshelf type - not floorstanding. Thanks.
Paradigm active 20, Genelec S30D
Nova uses The new Threshold 300 watt amps. or you could step up to the ATC-SCM20's. here is the link to Nova below.
Cello made a great pair of "bookshelf" active speakers, but I rarely see them on the used marked; but I have.

It will be worth the wait.

check out LINN they have been doing active speakers longer than anyone else..look for used Tukans great speaker..
i also think tannoy makes some active speakers, but i could be wrong about that.

if you go fot the ATC's, though, you'll never look back. i use all ATC's in my system (two 50's and 3 10's) and will never use anything else again. (at home, anyway)
If you are prepared to step out of the hifi industry, then there are plenty of active (and "powered") monitors available in the pro audio world - genelec etc..

The brand that most successfully stradles the pro/consumer base in the active market is ATC though - although quite how successful it is possible to be in that segment is questionable given ATC's rather small size :-)

That said, I have a setup like Lazarus28, ATC 50's as mains and active 10's as rears (phantom centre, I might buy a c4c :-) sometime..)

You *can* go wrong with ATC though if your in the US - the brand is virtually unknown and the products move slowly; for those reasons I picked up brand new 50s/10's for less than two thirds of retail!! The point I'm getting to is: either buy used, or bargain hard :-) Active 10's move really slowly on the used market and if you're lucky you should get a pair for $1500 - and for that they are an absolute steal.

The other downside with the 10's (and I expect the 20's) is that they run as hot as a skillet [perhaps it's just the pair that I own??] I turn mine off most of the time to save electric here in sunny california... Because of the heat, I wouldn't put them on a bookshelf without good ventilation - moreover, they seem to work best a few feet from the rear wall.

I've owned Meridian too, and thought them pretty good (although it was 15yrs ago - eek!). I've also done "linn style" active speakers (isobariks) with external amplifiers which is a great wiring puzzle and a lot of boxes and other crap which clutter up the living room. Don't waste your time with Linn/naim and active - it's a dead end (and an *insane* amount of money..)

Depending on how much bass you like (and generally how loud you like things) you might want to consider the new active 20's (not the older floorstanding model). They are like a bigger 10. That said, I never heard the 20's - I jumped straight from the 10's to the 50's and, apart from the back breaking wieght, I'm convinced they are the best speakers I've ever owned or heard. I think the 50's sounded better than B&W signature 800's and Wilson Watt/puppies - both being driven by huge levinson rigs.. [That said, those demo's convinced me to by a Levinson 390S CD player, which goes direct to the atc's..]

Also check out the CA2 preamp for the 10's - someone is selling one right now for $800 and that is bargain (if I didn't own an SCA2 I'd buy it myself :-))

Good luck,

The latest and new Active 20 is going to be special. It has the new tweeter as in the 2002 upgraded Active 50's (Seas Excel tweeter with silver coil), plus the SL woofer. Hence a big improvement over 10's and the passive SCM20. At $5500, it is not spare change, but consider that you also have high power mono-block amplifiers (250W x 2 Quad amps) and very nice looking speakers. The Active 20 is strkingly beautiful, with Gloss Black top and bottom, and aluminum chassis. The passive SCM20 used to sell for $4500 and that is without any amplifier, and getting the Active 50 upgraded with Excel tweeter costs $1K. Consider you pay for a pair of speakers with the amps virtually free!
I appreciate all reponses.
Avantgarde Solos are superb active speakers...