Active Speaker Choice

Active speakers utilizing DSP seem to take the room out of the equation, so now I'm now considering going this route, at least at my present residence.

Lots of buzz arounds names like: Dutch & Dutch, ATC SMC 40A, Kii Three, Buchardt A700. 

Most are pretty big bucks, so pricewise, I would prefer to lean more towards the Bucharts' but I'm open a bit (used?)

Most are difficult to demo, so please, if you have comments or recommendation these or any other active speaker you have heard or can recommend, it would greatly be appreciated.

High-amp, I’m not advocating for meridian only justifying my own purchase because I could never recommend them at the prices they charge for new, used levels the playing field. Honestly if you understand (I don’t) how speaker placement works in your specific room any brand can make you happy.

spoutmouzert - interesting, Geithains' have been mentioned here before.
I hope they sound better than they look!
Although, it seems many of the active speakers (Genelec, Dutch & Dutch, Kii 3 & particularly the Devialet Phantoms) all have that unique look of there own. 
Check Heavenly Soundworks, FIVE17 and others. My friend Bob reviewed a few actives for audiophilestyle, he bought the floor models of Kii at Axpona, he reviewed these, then the Burchdarts, another one I think and I noticed online the Heavenly Soundworks and messaged him, he got em the next week and reviewed these as well.
He was very much impressed, don't know if would be a good fit but feel free to check it out