Active Non near field loudspeaker

Looking for an active non near field loudspeaker under $10000. Must be great at low volumes as well as loud .
Genelec G5 if you want a home version, the 8351B for the studio version gives more SPL with the 2 woofers. Stretch your budget a bit the Dutch and Dutch 8c. 
buy some used meridians, they sell for a fraction of the new price and sound great 
+1 on the ATCs. There's a pair of SCM40A's for sale now for about $8000.  
+2 for ATC.  In regards to the ATC SCM 40s listed, those first showed up in Mill Valley, CA and now in Florida......a curious thing.

I run that exact speaker and it is stellar.  That price is terrific.  The Gaia footers are a must along with great ICs from preamp.
D&D is just under $10k new, but why cheat yourself? try everything you can and you might be surprised.