Active external crossover

Does anyone know of a good active external crossover?

I know Krell used to make a good one 30 years ago.

I’d like to bi- amp, but have no good active external crossover any more.

I wouldn't go digital for doing xovers, I tried the Mini DSP 2x4 hd and the Deqx both which had sad sounding dac's (but they are great fiddling/time wasting tools), not worth in any way taking out what my MSB Discrete R2R sounds like when doing the D to A by it self. 
The best active xover is still analogue, 24db for doing  xover'ing and yes the Pass F5 was a nice one but not 24db I think just 12 or 18?, there are a few others like the Marchand SS ones,(I don't go much for the tube ones). You can get cheap Behringers but they need mods to make them good.

I built my own 2 or 3 way 24db like this and used very good opamps and power supplies.

Cheers George 
Marchand—give them a call and Phil Marchand will,probably answer the phone...
If I took a picture of the inside of a First Watt B5, you'd chuckel, RED WIMA from top to bottom left to right... They are chock-a-block FULL

Mr Pass will help you modify his B5, just ask him, Very nice fella.

2-3 years ago, someone at First Watt, helped me. I need to do a value change. Fixed me right up

He will mix it up with anyone, great guy..

There is a place for correction, I could never get it to work without spending the same or A LOT more. The full blown DSP 20hz-20K just don't do it for me.. In a CAR, RV that type of thing, perfect.

In a HiFi environment, I found the take aways to great. 500hz EVEN 1K and down is ok with DSP. Add a servo system on the bottom 20-100hz it even get better... 500-1K and greater Passive or a full range driver with NO crossover.

The magic just goes away for me.. Everytime it sounds clinical in all the wrong places.. The first watt and a couple customs have been the best for me.. 2-3000.00 pair of B5 if you can find them Then you have to mod them.. They are for OB. He make another Active also.. Full of WIMA. 2%

B4 is still made, two way..I think..