Active crossovers and commercial home speakers?

I've been under the impression for years that there is much much better dynamic potential to be had from using electronic outboard crossovers vs. passive typical designs.
Anyone ever taken some of their personal home audio speakers/monitors, bypassed the internal passiver stock crossover, and inserted an outboard activer electronic crossover to replace it???...and or similar efforts???
I don't see any reason why a good speaker design and components couldn't sound my better and more dynamic using an outboard cross! I'd like to know anyone's results here, if any.
Also, what components did you use, drivers, crossover, etc?
A very advantageous proposition IMO.

Also a very complicated one -- more so than it may seem at first sight UNLESS one has the spkr's crossover schematic with annotations, if possible... that seems unlikely for a hi-end speaker.

A seemingly simple 1st order x-over at "X" kHz, may hide contours, notches, delays (rare), padding AND the hi vs low passes may be at slightly different points!

This has been done before, of course, with full knowledge of the passive x-over elements. As to components used, a dsp, a simple Behringer, provide all the functionality needed. BTW, don't forget the need for more amplification channels, too (i.e., for a 2-way speaker:4, for a 3-way, six, etc).
I suggest that you go to a Linn dealer and get a demo. Linn
speakers can be changed from passive to active by changing a plate at the rear of the speakers. Besides Linn I belive that Naim and Krell have active crossovers for their gear.

I have owned many active systems and can tell you that they do sound better, by a big margin.
Many people apparently do this with magneplanar speakes. if you go to the Maggie Users Group you can ask them.
I personally have gone fully active with my HT, and can not look back! I could upgrade, but it would be very expensive to do so for now, so I'll keep it!!!
BTW, KennyT, what are you using for speakers,cross,drivers, etc????...
I used to personally sell the Meridian speakers, along with the rest of their electronics line. I have
never been a fan of the sound from Meridians however...rather dark sounding to my ears.
However, I have heard active speakers over the years, spuriously. I can easily tell the advantage, if even in the bass reigion.
Like I said, my old Electa Amator S.F.'s used a very simple crossover, with high end drivers, and the sound was superb when done right...if a little warmish from the cabinet and design limitations, port chuff at high levels, etc. Still, dynamically, the speakers were superb, with great resolve. What experience I do have around active speakers (best I've heard in all active is Avlar...with the Avantgarde horn w/active woofers doing a similar thing), suggests much better dynamic handling and pressentation from the drivers. Thus I think connecting an amp dirrectly to a driver has it's advantages in the realm of dynamic transparency. And most passive designs fall flat in dynamics, if anything.
Anyway, I'm really wondering if anyone's come across a speaker desing, that while previously employing a stock passive crossover design, works well with specified electronic crossover substituted, in your experiences!!!!?
Otherwise, maybe some drivers that work well with some sort of electronic cross out there, and then maybe add a cabinet?
I've considered quite a few designs for active consideration, that I THINK MIGHT be worthy candidates, but I will have to try some of the active crosses out there and tinker I suppose. But, I was still wanting some insite from any who have found some superb combo's.
I'm using a Linn AV system. I have two pairs of AV 5140's and an AV 5120 and AV 5150 Sud. All speakers are powered by multiple channels from Linn AV 5105 amps with active card in them. Yes, I know Seven amps and 15 channels of amplification for a 5.1 system. Pain in the ASS to set up and break down, but sounds great!