Active cross-over recomendations

What kind of active cross-overs work well with the larger Magnepans. I know about the Brystons, but are they the best for the money ? or are there others that can equal or better ?
Marchand is very good--less money and many say better sounding. They don't have the build quality of Bryston (not much does), but they absolutely know how to build a top quality cross-over.
You may want to post this question at the Planar Speaker Asylum. There are several members that use active crossovers.

Good Luck!
Audio Control Richter Scale sells for about $150 used and uses restister packs to change the crossover to keep it clean. There are many tweaks for this also.
Audio Research EC21 active tube crossover has been recommended to me as a very good unit with the proviso that it is gone through and upgraded with better parts/wiring.
I second the Marchand line of products. I have the xm126 tube xover. It was first used with 3.6's for active bi-amping. Now I use it with my ML CLS's and ML Depth sub. They may not be pretty, but they are built to perform. Try to go tubed if at all possible. Watch for monthly specials. If you are up for "DIY", they offer several levels of kits. Every now and then, they come up for sale on Audiogon.