Active bass filter.

Don’t know if this is the right topic link?

This is my first post here.
I am wondering about active bass filters. I have in two of my rooms , (2 in each) passive bass modules with poweramps and regarding the bassmanagement or lack of of any I would like to try something else. Does anyone have a suggestion of a good basspreamp? Are there any?

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Hi Nick,

Depends how techie you want to get. Can you give us a little more info about your system? Models, what other speakers, your preamp, etc. 

In general, the two good but reasonably affordable suggestions are miniDSP or Schiit Loki


Thanks E. I will research them. 

My two channel rig is Jamo 870 towers ( seas excel) and heavy handbuilt submodoles about 70 liters each. Single 8” driver and a bassport. Node 2, 851d preamp ( Cambridge Audio) and Classe Sigma amp 5. 

The other room has a very messy bass response but is more film/game. Lyngdorf h2 as fronts two Nht sw2s bassmodules ( home made surrounds) Anthem avm 20 preamp and some Rotel and Sheng ya poweramps. 

Cables are mainly Audioquest and Tara Labs. 

The bassmanagement is mainly for my two channel listening but it would be interesting to find out how much better I can make it integrated in the second room aswell. 

For the first room, the Loki will do.

For the second, consider bass traps + miniDSP