Active audio cables ? I have no proof it works

I bought the whole line of he New Synergistic research Active cables
From $1100 power cords,$650 all active and their New Element
Tungston and Copper. It was good But for less money's the New M.I.T
Cables for $1000 less for speaker cables, as well as $700 less for interconnects the Synergistic gives a big soundstage and clear but not as much meat on the bones as in reality,or tonal shadings ir low Bass.and all those spaghetti wires you have to plug in Gimmicks! They even sell a better power adapter
For an extra $400 something that should come standard ,what is this a Lexus pay for every nickel and dime
Also Shunyata ,Kimber make products with all the Umbilical cords attached i had to have 14 outlets and a 4 ft power strip plus the regular one which was insane .all my equipment is all well know audio products
And are not to blame Beware of all the Hype !
TAS magazine give out awards for $$$ . It too is pandering and I used to
Have no agendas,take a look who has the ads on their and awards to follow.myself and Sevral others heard the differences all can be
Equalled or bettered for less monies with not all the mess of wires.
Very good salesmanship through advertising !!
Do a real A&B blinded having someone switch while not KNOWING and be honest with yourself...
Audioman58 thanks for this thread and it's very amuzing that most audiophiles have forgotten the rules of science and gone the way of most cult seems that the cult of mysticism now rules.
Wow, *please* tell me English is a 2nd language for you. What are you on about, mate?

Audioman58, the good thing is that you woke up during this life-time. Congrats!
welcome to the world of audio where everything is not black & white.....
you live & you learn.
Also, there is an axiom in English: "a fool & his money are easily parted".
Caveat emptor!
It is difficult to understand your complaint about snake oil tactics when you begin by stating that you bought a number of these items. You say that the brands mentioned are paying off the magazines through advertising. Wow! I never heard that one before.
Stop being silly. If you think that they are charlatans, don't buy their products.
All due respect in your opinion. We are all victims to much of the chicanery that and business practices that go on in all industries. High end audio is much to easy and it allows many charlatans getting into an industry that deals with suggestive results and allot of the so called jaw dropping opinions. The high end audio game is a mans dominant hobby. Where size counts most of the time when it comes to amps,speakers and now wire connections. I am sure if Freud came back he would have diagnose this as P$%$S envy. The best thing is finding out fast with little outlay and realize your best bang is better software and speakers..that's my take =smile
57 is very clear in this post !! He thinks the SR sounds like $hit for the $$$.
You sound like you are upset and rushing to judgment. Synergistic is a reputable company and they make good products. I suggest you compose yourself and figure out how to set everything up properly, perhaps with the help of the dealer you bought them from. After that, let the cables break in and you may reach a different conclusion. It can sometimes be frustrating with new products. Good luck with it.
It's 58, not 57, and he is anything but clear. And again, if he thinks it sounds terrible for the money, he should have listened to them before he spent the money.

58 came to his conclusion by buying and trying. So he thought for the $$$ they were stools!! Have you always listened before you bought gear? Are you offended with his findings here?

I beg to differ on his clarity. Yes he did write with some shadows but I think he got his main point across that seems to bother you.
I have made two big, expensive mistakes buying without trying, but I don't think it makes sense to do it and then complain. I took my chances, and then my lumps.
I am not at all offended by what he said; I simply think that he has no one but himself to blame.
I bought all these cables for when I bought my Ayon amplifier Tube USA
Said these were the best value beating big $$ cables and give 25 percent
Off as a package price. Several other Audiophiles said the same thing about how not that special they were at my houseI let them borrow cables n I would listen to other brands since I have Several quality amplifiers Vacuum tube and solidstate it was not just a bad fit.
Synergistic has so many ad ons and even wall warts selling for $400?
You get the cheap ones with your $2200 Element cables ,the better ones will cost you.this is a $$ cash cow I am not willing to go on with
Especially when established names at equal to or less money's sounded more natural and every bit as dynamic. Buyers beware. It is still
A good product but absolutely Not a good Value.
P.s look in The Absolute Sounds magazine everything Synergistic put out
Just happens to be n the awards ,and Last years award winners are out ?
I worked in retail awhile back ,one hand washes the other.
They spend over $100,000 in advertising in TAS magazine ,.
The magazine is not going to slight the hand that feeds them.
Reviews use only as a Loose reference,everyone has an opinion.
Let your ears make the final decision.that is why the cable Co. Lets you
Try cables in your system .that is what I am doing from now on !!
My point was I was swayed into it from the hype in the ads and endorsements from the magazine,as well as the salesman ,
The 25 points off and no taxes sounded great.
P,T Barnum had it right only believe 1/2 of what you read , also Synergistic
Live shielding comes with a wall wart, if you want a better wall Wart that makes the cable sound even better it will cost you an additional $400
Per cable ,Which is incredible for the basic live to Ht are $600- $1200
Each ,you would think these $10 worth of internal resistors capacitors
Should be included ,not a $400 ad on. That s my beef about snake oil.

Reread the Absolute Sound review.
You need to hook up the Galileo Universal Speaker Cell between your speaker and the cable. It only costs $2500 per pair.
Also there is a Galileo Universal Interconnect Cell for another $2500/pair that you should connect between your amp and your interconnects.
These are also powered so please upgrade to the premium wal warts on these two (in addition to all your cables) for optimum sound.
Also, please make sure these are connected to a quality conditioner such as the
$5k PowerCell.
Also, for all these power connections make sure you are not skimping on power cables.
Each of these power connections should use their quality power cords, which you can find at discount for only $2k each.

Not sure why you expect your speaker cables to sound good until you make all these additions?