Active and passive preamp in one chain ?

As I just discovered, my Redgum integrated amp has a passive preamp in it. No wonder, I don't have enough gain and consequencially not enough weight in sound when playing records. A lot of transparency though. To compensate I currently run phono/cassette deck/ Redgum at the silght expense of resolution.
How would it be if I added, say, some tube active preamp? No, not ready to go fully separates at the moment. Running MM cartridge and phono gain setting is fixed at 46db, I think. In other words, replacing deck as a sort of an active preamp with a true active preamp.
I misread.  sorry. i missed you were playing vinyl.  its not passive vs. Active, but that you lack a phono stage, or phono preamp at all.

These are funky beasts.  not only do they provide high gain, they must equalize the sound.  the eq curve is to minimize noise from the vinyl and dust. 

Phono stages imply they are active because of the ggain and eq.  lots of integrated amps and preamps include the phono stage, which has dedicated in and outs.

Sure I got phono preamp, Acoustech, then the signal goes to the deck, then to the integrated that has a passive preamp section.
Try a tube buffer from Musical Fidelity or Yaquin.