Acrylic platters & mats???

I know this is a dumb question, but do people with acrylic platters use a mat of some kind, or do they put the record right on the platter?
I don't use any mat with my acrylic platter.
I have a Eurolab Premier and just recently bought a mat from Herbies Audio Lab.The improvement was equal to a component upgrade!Background noise,clicks and pops were reduced and detail was improved.And best of all,and the reason I had waited before buying a mat,the price is very reasonable.The cost was only 53.00 with shipping and you get a money back guarantee.
I use the extreme phono orginal mat with their carbon mat great results.
I will agree with Jofi that Herbie's mat is a real winner for the money. But, though I've not owned a table with an acrylic platter, I thought that one of the ideas of an acrylic platter was that one didn't need to use a mat. If some do, is there something wrong with the design or something else in the chain that makes use with a mat more preferable? Just asking.
I don't use one. I tried it and it didn't sound "right".
I just got the Herbie's mat and it works great with my Scout/Acrylic platter. It also works well with the stock clamp, which is a plus. I completely agree with jofi statements. How can you go wrong with the Money Back offer?
tbabb, as a fellow Scout owner I'd be very curious to hear exactly why you like Herbie's mat. I'm looking for some tweaks for my Scout that don't break the bank.


I never cared for having the record on the Acrylic and clamped. It always sounded "edgy" like that. I did my own DIY mat and liked it (smooth, natural, relaxed), but could not use a clamp with it because it would sound too damped.

The Herbies mat does a much better job than my DIY mat and also allows me to use the clamp without the negative effects of overdamping. I'm getting better low level detail and a relaxed natural sound. It sounds just right.

It has just the right amount of damping, so in my book, it's a keeper.

- Tim
I use the Extreme Phono Non-Felt Mat with their Carbon Fiber "Speed" Mat on top of that. They are very thin and user friendly for any table and the difference on my Welltempered Classic TT is astounding!!!!! Reduced noise floor, increased signal. Everything just snaps, pops into a 3 dimensional picture. It's fairly cheap too for high end tweaks. I think they will give you a money back guarantee if you don't like it. Never put a record on without one! I don't own shares of the company and they are not relatives or friends.