Acrylic platter replacing rega glass platter

Agoners, does anybody has experience with the 10mm acrylic platter from for replacement of the glass platter for rega planar 2 or 3 and i presume will also work with the planar 25. thanks. curtis.
I have no first hand knowledge but I would be concerned with differences in weight of the glass vs acrylic.You don't want to throw your speed off.
Good luck
It shouldn't change the speed but could put more weight on the bearing and more strain on the motor and belt if heavier.
I personally side with the manufacturer of quality hi-fi gear (and Rega is certainly one) on most choices in design, since they are the ones ultimately to put their name on the equipment - thus accepting responsibility for it. They chose glass for a reason - it sounded good to them. Although I am absolutely certain that the platter material will CHANGE the sound of a Rega, I highly doubt it will improve it. Unless, of course, you didn't like it in the first place, in which case you probably should have chosen a different turntable. It's like putting a record clamp on an LP-12 - if it really made it sound BETTER, don't you think Linn would do (or recommend) it?
My head is spinning at 33 1/3.....