Acram dv29?

Anyone have a chance to see the video and listen to the sound quality of the Arcam dv29? I'm looking to use it this as my primary 2 channel as well as dvd player. Any other recommendations in the 2k range?

I am an owner of the Arcam DV-29. It is head and shoulders above the prior Marantz units I have owned. Both the video and audio are excellent. There is one major problem, however, It won't play about 1/2 of my discs. It shows an error of "bad disc", yet they were fine with the Matantz. Also tech help is a joke! You are referred to your local dealer, who, in most cases is just a salesman, with no technical knowledge. All the best and good luck/ Bill
I had the Arcam FMJ 27 for several happy years and just switched to the new Marantz DVD 9600.The upgrade is most notable in picture quality and sound dynamics.

I had the same problem and it turned out that I needed to upgrade to the latest software version- 5.26. You can get a disk from your local dealer- super easy to install- get directions though. I LOVE THIS PLAYER- the Marantz is a piece of crap next to the Arcam.