Acquired A Dynavector DV505 Now I Got To Put It On Something

So I have two tables here that are keepers, the SOTA Cosmos Eclipse and a Well Tempered Reference. I have a third cartridge that might work well on the SME V on the Cosmos, but I don't ever feel like pulling the Transfiguration Proteus off to mount the Ikeda 9 Kawami. So the Ikeda sits in a box, waiting for an appropriate arm for it. 

Well I was window shopping on Canuckmart this weekend and came across a Dynavector DV505 in nice shape but with no box, head shell, or tone arm cable. But the price was $1550 CAD and that translates to about $1275 USD for me. I tried to talk myself out of it, but was unsuccessful, and on Sunday I bought it. So it will be in transit from Canada to me this week, and the reality is its only a couple of hundred miles from here. 

Now I got the cartridge and the arm penciled in. But I have no table. I could trial it on the Well Tempered Reference as there is a flat area to place the arm. This version has a flat mounting base so I don't need to drill a hole as the tone arm cable comes out of the back pillar. I could use a double back tape or blue tak, but its a heavy arm at 1.2 KG, so i don't trust blue tak at all. 

So the question becomes what table to get to put it on. I also don't have a lot of room on my audio cabinet as I have two tables there already. I have thought of a Denon DP80 in a round plinth, or maybe a Sony TTS8000. Both can be obtained out of Japan, but I am not sure how great the bearings are in either table. I know they are well received by the DD crowd, although the Sony gets little mention. 

I have thought a Microseiki would be awesome, but aside from one in Canada that will not ship, these tables are brutally expensive and have to be shipped from China where they are probably in a collectors possession. I had also wondered if there is an appropriate Luxman to look for. Other than that I see this arm used with Garrard 301 from time to time, but they are getting silly priced too. A Technics SP10 is another option, but I have owned one and am not overly fond of it, but I did like it well enough. I sold mine to a good friend, and it was in perfect cosmetic condition, since I am unlikely ever to find one in similar condition, I doubt I will buy another one. 

While I am in no hurry, I am trying to sort through options and see what might work the best for this application. So far the inside track is probably the Denon, but its a matter of finding a plinth builder who will put together one that I really love. 
I thought I'd share my story. After re-entering the vinyl game years ago now, and going through a few tables that really didn't do it for me, I bought a Garrard 401 chassis, and rebuilt it. I acquired a Dynavector 501 arm, and rebuilt that, and mounted it on the plinth I built for it.

After five or so years after the completion of all this work, I feel blessed to have what is the best turntable and arm I've ever had, and it will be with me until the end of my days here on planet earth.

I recommend a similar approach to anyone that has the urge and the ability to do the same.

My best to you and your search.

I own both the Ikeda Kwame and Dynavector arm ( purchased new ).
It doesn't sound any good, you are likely to have tracking problems.

I use an FR64S for the  Ikeda kiwame. I did manage to get it to track well on my Naim Aro but that is not ideal in my view. The designer of the Ikeda cartridges eschews unipivots & arms with jewelled bearings.

I have had 3 Ikedas - and have managed to get them to track well on SME V, Well Tempered, Naim Aro but the Kiwame is less compliant than some of the 9 Series and requires a heavy arm with excellent bearings.

Also tried the Helius Cyalene but like the Dynavector it did't work.
that dyna arm is one lovely piece of equipment... so cool and so musical...
I own a DV505 and like it very much w medium and some high compliance cartridges, using a lightweight headshell. I would not think it is the best match for a low compliance cartridge like the Ikeda. Although it does have high effective mass in the horizontal plane, which might make for an interesting something to think about.