Acoustician in Phila/Delaw/S. NewJersey

I understand that room acoustics are a critical but often overlooked "component" in the sound equation. I am looking for an aucoustician in the Delawe-Philadelphia-S. New Jersey area. Any recommendations and ballbark on cost of 1 room evaluation (not counting teatment/supplies.) I continue to be impressed with the helpfulness and knowledge of fellow AudiogoNers Thanks!
It depends on what you want to accomplish. If you are looking for a full design (treatment with frequency response, reverberation times, speaker placement, etc), you should look beyond an acoustician and hire an engineering group to do a full design for you. If you are looking for a modest tune up, then there are "calibrators" that do for acoustics what ISF trained persons do for video. The calibrators are fairly easy to find, they are listed at the HAA website. HAA stands for Home Acoustics Alliance.

Our company is an engineering and design company that routinely designs listening rooms and home theaters. We have quite a few people here on Audiogon that have used our services. We offer service throughout the country and abroad. You can see more about it in our services section.

I hope that didn't come off as a commercial--I realize this is a forum and we do not try to "sell" on forums--but it does appear what we offer may be what you are interested in and it's possible you haven't heard of us.
I second what Rives said. Of course, I must qualify that with the statement that Rives Audio did my room and they did a wonderful job. It has been the most cost effective upgrade I have ever done.

I am located in the Philadelphia/NJ area, and if you have an interest in seeing what types of services and end results are available you can email me about coming to my place to hear for yourself.