Acoustic Zen WOW and Sivel Ref 2

Does anyone try this combo WOW and Silver Ref 2? And How they produce the sound?

A lot of people use the Matrix Reference from the pre to the amp and the Silver Ref for all source components. I personally do this as well. I am very happy with the results. Since I recently switched amps I may change to all Silver Refs but if you have SS amp the Matrix Ref helps to add some warmth and fullness.
I had tried this in between waiting for remaining Silver ref cable shipments. I borrowed the wow from a dealer (was a special length) for time being. While I liked the combination at first ( very lively and bright) it got fatiguing. When the Silver ref II arrived everything became musical and right!!

As to how they produce sound? I am no expert but I guess they must alter input impedances and eliminate RFI and maganetic interferences...

Hope this helps.
buy 2 mat ref 2 instead

the WOW is bottom of the line for AZ and silver ref is top of the line

mat ref is big step up from WOW IMO

FWIW I would buy the Audio Note AN-V for $225 on Agon right now, it is better than any of the AZ stuff...
Between my tubed CDP and integrated tube amp (i.e. I only need the one pair of IC's), I first used the WOW, then upgraded to the Matrix Ref II, and now the Silver Reference II. The Matrix Ref II and Siver Ref II are much better that the WOW in my opinion (with the Silver being the better of the two). As previously recommended, for about the same ultimate cost - I would prefer two Matrix II's over a combo of the WOW and a Silver Ref II.

I would not recommend this combo.
It will be bright sounding with pretty flat soundstage.
I'd go for 2 Matrix Ref IIs instead or Silver Ref II/Matrix RefII combo for more refined sound and more dimensional soundstage.
I didn't know the WOW is considered a bright-sounding cable. I've been very pleased but haven't tried mixing and matching.