Acoustic Zen vs. Nordost - wchich one to choose?

There is a lot of buzz about Acoustic Zen cables on the net.
Some say their Sliver & Matrix Reference interconnect cables and Satori & Hologram speaker cables are close to perfect. Some others compare them as not only similar to Nordost Quatrofill & SPM, but even better than these highly respected cables.

Do you have any expirience with AZ cables?
Do you really find them to be as good as the best cabless available, regardless of price?

It is an invitation to share the expirience about little known to the public cables from company called Acoustic Zen.
Well I don't know if I would say they are the best regardless of price, there are many mega buck cables that I would own before the Acoustic Zen's. We had them in my dad's reference system (Dunlavy I/Va's, 2 alioa amps, Kora preamp, Sony SACD-1) and they were great. Although I enjoyed the NBS statements more, and enjoyed the Vahalla's more, but at 4-6x the cost it's not really in the same league. Getting more focused, I am assembling a $10,000 system and plan to run AZ cables.

Judd MacRae
I have their MC2, Matrix, Satori, Tsunami and Krakatoa. They make excellent products in my opinion. They are certainly worth trying; esp. since they offer a 30 day trial. If nothing else, give them a call and chat with them. I think you'll be impressed with their presentation.

-- Greg
From a value perspective, the AZ line blows away the Nordost. The new WoW ICs and the Satori are stunning for the $$.
I also have their AZ Silver/Matrix Reference, Satori shotgun bi-wire and Tsunami pc in the main system and + Holograms bi-wire in other systems.
In my systems soundstage is very musical and refined without being laid back or forward sounding. Ultra smooth natural midrange, crystal clear high end and Very large soundstage.
IMO their wires are great build-quality and value for the performance.
Happy Listening!
Camadeco, watch out what you say about Nordost. I don't know enough about the AZ line of cable to comment yet. I do not doubt your statement. You may get some angry emails for your comments on the Nordost. What ever makes you happy is all that matters. Mrgigi, You want to spend big bucks on a cable because it says nordost? Or maybe because many reviewers seem to think it is the best? What do I know? If you like the Nordost, I am so happy for you. I would try a few other cables first. Try the Nordost last. I bet you will not buy into the Nordost. I mean you may like some other wires at a fraction of the Nordost price better. Maybe not. Don't read the reviewers reviews. listen and tell us what you find. I think Nordost has some of the best advertising I have seen. Bravo Nordost.
I find recommending cables to be almost pointless as their character can and often does change dramatically from system to system. That said, I've had shotgun Satoris, Matrix, and Silver Reference interconnects in my system and they have flushed out more detail and weight from the music while remaining perfectly balanced. I haven't heard Nordost in my system yet, but I was impressed by the systems I heard them in and I will try them at some point. They both have very low capacitance so I expect some positive similarities. Given their performance I think AZ cables are a relative bargain, but as with all cables they may or may not work well in any given system.

ACOUSTIC ZEN vs. CARDAS, AZ takes the prize.
AZ sounds a lot like Harmonic Tech (where it came from) IMO. Nordost is different sonically, warmer and perhaps more musical. AZ cables are airier on the top. Depends on system. Try both and compare yourself.