Acoustic Zen vs Audio Sensibility interconnects

I will be looking for a new interconnect to use between my Hirata Tango MC Step up transformers and my Artemis Labs PH-1 tubed phono stage.

I have use Acoustic Zen in various applications but have recently become aware of Audio Sensibility.  For this use, shielding is important as well as low capacitance.  I also like the aspect of zero crystal technology.

I'm wondering if anyone has compared Acoustic Zen with Audio Sensibility interconnects?  I would love to hear your experiences and also if they worked well inline with a Step up transformer.

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If you are talking phono interconnect, I can strongly recommend Audio Envy, they are very quiet, and very good musically. I am not a fan of AZ, I don’t have experience on audio sensibility, although I heard good about them.I almost order a phono Cable from them, if you email them they response quick.
As far as standard interconnect go, Audio Sensibility has some of the absolute best solid-core silver interconnects (both RCA and XLR) if you are looking for something solid-core silver.  However, there copper interconnects aren't that good and there are other brands that are better (in my opinion).

That being said, I have also read that you want extremely low capacitance for tonearm.  The Audio Sensibility cables tend to use larger size 24awg or 26awg conductors.  Even though it's silver, I'm not sure if this is optimum.

If I were shopping for tonearm cables, I might look at the Wire World tonearm specific cables and/or their inteconnects.  They have multiple tiny awg isolated bundles of wire which make up the total cable.  Their tonearm cables are advertised as 26awg, but they have 4 individual isolated bundles of 32awg conductors which should have a very low capacitance.  You can go the entire range, from copper all the way to pure OCC Silver if you wanted.

I want to make a note that I don't have direct experience on tonearm cables, so take my comments only as stuff that I've read about.

Thank you for the comments so far...

Just to clarify,  I am not asking about wires for inside  my tone arm or from my tone arm to my Step Up Transformer, but instead I am looking for a cable to use between my SUT and my tubed phono stage.  
From what I understand, it’s best to keep it short, shielded and to have low capacitance in this spot.  

Robert from Acoustic Zen said that his interconnects first both the Silver Reference and Matrix Reference II are very low.  
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I  have two pairs of silver Audio Sensibility phono cables, (V2 and V3). One is between my turntable and SUT, the other between the SUT and my phono pre.  They work much better than the old ZU/Audioquest I was using before.  Never used any AZ cables so I can't make a comparison there.  I will say that, in my experience, my SUT was very sensitive to changes in cables.
Hello andysf,

Thank you for your comments! I’m curious if there would be much sonic difference if any by using the Audio Sensibility Statement Silver "interconnect" vs their Statement Silver "phono" cable between the SUT and the Phono Stage? Any thoughts on this?

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Hello jayctoy,

Thank you for your comments.  I'm curious what you didn't care for about the Acoustic Zen cables?

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Interesting question.  I am using two pairs of his phono cables only because I already had the V2 before I upgraded to his V3. Probably best to call to contact Steve at Audio Sensibility.  I spoke with him before I bought a power cord and phono cable from him and he was very helpful.  One of the "nice guys" of the audio world.  Would be curious to hear what he says.
I think about a year or so ago.  Not really sure.  Definite improvement over the V2.   I was quite happy with the V2 though until I heard the V3.