Acoustic Zen -- Tsunami II OR Tsunami Plus

Hi. I have been receiving conflicting information regarding the production time line and product differences between Acoustic Zen's tsunami AC cables. Three versions of the tsunami AC cable have been produced. What is the order of the product produced and what are the audible differences? I contacted the manufacturer and their explanation is different than two L.A. dealers. Help!
Why would you not believe the manufacturer's explanation? They made the product, after all.

Or, if you think the manufacturer doesn't know the scoop on their own design (or are misrepresenting things), why would you still want it?
In my dealings with Acoustic Zen and Robert Lee, he seemed to be a straight shooter. If you communicated with him, I would think you got honest information.
Thank you. I was confused by the names of the cords figuring that the Plus would come before the II. This is what two AZ dealers told me. I have not been able to find a chronology of the cable on AZ's web site OR anywhere else. Perhaps the II version was very short lived. But I am now assuming that the PLUS version is the current cable. I still do not know what the differences are between the three versions of the Tsunami AC cord -- except that that Plus "is better". Perhaps this $350.00 AC cable is too low brow to garner any significant interest or conversation but I cannot afford to spend $700.00+ on an AC cable which is what is so often written about in the popular audio magazines. Again, thanks for the input.
This is a small industry. When you buy Acoustic Zen products, you're buying Robert Lee's products. If he told you it was so, you have no reason to believe otherwise.

I own Adagio speakers, Satori speaker cables, Matrix Ref II interconnects, and Tsunami PC's and also a Harmonic Tech IC that was designed by Robert Lee. You should be very pleased to afford the Tsunami's of either mark - they have always sounded good regardless of the equipment I've matched them with. I've compared them with a few cables of higher price and liked the Tsunami's better. I've had a couple of pieces where the Tsunami's did not sound significantly better than the stock cables, but at least did no harm. Enjoy your cables.
Hi there, I'd recommend the Plus version or either look into the Audio Sensibility Statement Power Cord, as it's made of Solid Core Copper as well. You just might be surprised how nice this one compares to more costly cords as well. Regards,Oscar
I've used most of AZ cables. PC Tsunami is the only cable I can't recommend, the only AZ cable that disappointed. Lessloss orignal or TG Audio was much better. I'm still using AZ speaker cables though.
Dramapsycho...The latest (Plus) version of the AZ Tsunami pc seems to have corrected what one reviewer had characterized as a slight treble emphasis in the earliest version, making the Plus more evenly balanced and realistic sounding. In my system it helps provide excellent texture, imaging, detailing and top to bottom extension along with a very pleasing sound. However, do keep in mind the oft repeated caution regarding interaction of variables in different systems. One can almost always find Tsunami Plus power cords offered at very decent prices here on Audiogon.
I have the Plus ll   Just got it . Is it for my amp?   .. or CD player ,,,,etc..?

    Try it on both and see where it sounds best. I'm assuming it has been previously used so I would give it a few days on each component listening to familiar music. Have fun!