Acoustic Zen Tsunami AC vs. .............

Looking for AC cord advice, preferably from someone who is familiar with the A.Z. power cords.

I'm looking to upgrade for my Halo JC-1 monoblocks. I've only "auditioned" a few AC cords so far, but none can seem to beat, overall, my Tsunami's in this application.

Can anyone please suggest an upgrade path, that is hopefully reasonable $$$?

Thanks to any & all.
Dear Member:
Having used Harmonic Technology AC 11's, Acoustic Zen's Tsunami II's and Shunyata Tipans, it is the Shunyata's that standout. I have also gone thru the Harmonic Tech Pro Silway II's, Wireworld's Equinox III+'s, Nordost Blue Heaven's, Au24's, Nirvana SL's and Hovland's interconnects. Again, its was the Shunyata Aries that sounds the best overall, except the Nirvana's are very similar in flavor. The Shunyata and Nirvana cables add a depth and involvement that the others lack. They sound like Nordost's cables with more body. Also have great success with Wireworld' speaker cables. For a true system upgrade the Shunyata Hydra's are worth every penny and according to the people at Shunyata all models sound the same, except the 2 outlet model has the edge. Have fun....
Thanks Easterbug! I had read, with interest, about the "Hydras", so your confirmation will give me motivation to try one.
Give some consideration to TG Audio SLVR power cords. Bob Crump, their designer, was involved in the development of the JC-1, and I've found his wires to be exceptional. In my system the SLVRs have even displaced Elrod Statements (albeit on tube amps rather than SS) - not bad for a $500 power cord.