Acoustic Zen Sun Rise Loudspeakers..any owners?

Hello Audiogon,

I own a pair of Acoustic Zen Sun Rise floorstanders and was wondering if anyone else out there owns the same. They predate the Adagios by a year, was at shows in 2005.

Interested to see what you think compared with the new models.

I haved own a pair of AZ's Adagios for two years, and feel they are very good to excellent speakers, possibly the best I have owned. To be honest, I never knew AZ made a speaker called "Sun Rise" So I can't really compare them with Adagios.

One thing I would like to point out; I have a feeling that AZ "may" discontinue the Adagios, in favor of an upgraded version, or a completely redesigned speaker. I may be totally wrong, but there seems to be a fair amount of members selling Adagios at approx $2500. So, if you are interested in the speaker, you might be able to haggle down the price to $2100-2200.

Nevertheless, I think it would be a big mistake on AZ's part to discontinue them. I am surprised that more people don't own them considering the great reviews they have received. I can only assume it is the retail price of $4600 dollars which IMHO is excessive, despite the beautiful veneers, and of, their course great sound Good Luck!!