Acoustic Zen speaker Cables ..In general

Do they work better with tube or solid state?
Would you consider them warm, bright or neutral?

Hi, Darrylhifi. I'm using a single run of AZ satori on the newforms. I'm also using AZ natrix between amp and pre,all solid state. I don't know about tubes but IMSystem the AZ has a fullness of notes, roundness or rightness that gives me synergy. Another good thing is satori is easy to resell if it didn't float your boat. Is it the very best? No, but what is, for you or for me? It's all matching. I believe, the satori is easy to match unlike the red dawn nordost I had[too ultra detailed in my setup, zingy,I believe red dawn would be good on tubes but it is very system dependent. Good luck and good listening, Lloyd
Bluenose described it very well. I am using Hologram Bi-Wired for speaker cables and I found it to work very well tube amps. It is very natural sounding in my system, doesnt sound restricted like some of the cables that i've tried in the past. Music is evenly distributed through out the whole spectrum and the soundstage and imaging is very good and exaggerated. It wont be the best cables out there but you will probably spend a lot more money to get better results. The AZ cables are the best bang for the bucks, IMHO.
I'm using the Satori shotgun bi-wire and would classify them as decidedly neutral, but they seem to pass more of the musical signal than other cables I've heard--that's the best way I can describe it. If you're looking to use speaker cables to tune your system look elsewhere. They are a very low capacitance design and will work well with virtually any type of electronics. Obviously you'll have to try them in your system to see how they work for you, but I'd consider them one of the best bargains in cables and you should definitely try'em. Also, unless you've got 3-way speakers or more I'd suggest using a single run with jumpers--it'll work better and save you some cash. Best of luck.

Neutral with a touch on the warm side for the satori's. You really have to spend big bucks (spm) to better it. The above posts are right on the money in their descriptions.

Anyone out there compare the hologram to the satori ?
Acoustic Zen have very nice tonally balance

very revealing image wise - layering and body to music

they get acoustic instruments right

I've owned Harmonic Technology and AZ is a step further in revealing and unveiling the music

the sound is less grainy and has an air and resiliancy that sound right

Yes I own both the Hologram and the Satori, and the Hologram is simply better, by a wide margin. I still think the Satori is a great cable, but if you are willing to spend the extra definately go for Hologram.

Do you really think that Nordost SPM is better? I did extensive comparisons between SPM and Satori, and I think Satori is more natural and more realistic in virtually ever regard than SPM. To my ear SPM and Quattro Fil have a very dry sterile sound.

I did quite a bit of cable comparing in my system a few months ago. I even compared AZ to the expensive lines by Nordost, NBS, Siltech, and Silversmith. I thought the AZ cables are the best balanced and most musical in my system.
It could just be the systems. My comparisons were done with pass labs aleph equipment and audio physic avanti-century speakers. These are very high detail/low distortion and are known good matches for nordost cabling. The aleph's have a sweet sounding midrage/treble & nordost cable just seems to bring out more of that.

I found that the spm speaker cable was a bit better than satori, but the quattro-fil i/c's were much better than az silver ref. I sold off my spm speaker cables and bought a long satori run. Mainly because I felt the small performance loss was worth the savings on a 5 meter set. I also like the idea of a $600 cable cossing a traffic area better than a $3000 cable (I do use foam sandwiches). Az should pay me a commission. Three people I know have gone to using satori's after hearing them in my system.

What a coincidence most of my comparisons were done with Pass Aleph 2 amps and Silverline Sonata speakers. I also did compare them on my BAT VK150SE, Dunlavy 4 system as well. I had a few friends over when doing some comparing as well, and everyone agreed that the Satori was better than SPM and Silver Ref was better than Quattro Fil. I agree that the Nordost cables can initially sound more striking than AZ, but in extended listening I find that AZ is simply much more natural than Nordost, while at the same time passing much more of the ultra fine details in the recordings. I guess we have to just agree to disagree
They are quite system dependent compared to other cables I have used like the Analysis Plus.

In some systems they can sound really dark, while in some it can sound very neutral.

I understand why many people sell this cable off, its very sensitive to anciliary equipment.

I also noticed that you cannot use AZ cables all the way from the IC's to the speaker cable, it will be too dark sounding in my opinion.

I have combined the Satori with Silver Audio 4.0 and Silver digital cable to very good effect. Matching the components with the TG Audio cables PC 's also helped quite a bit.

Its quite a challenging cable but once you get the combos right, its fantastic!
using silver matrix II between arc cd-3 and cj premier 17ls excellent neutral sounding cable equal of the much more expensive and overpriced audioquest anaconmda
Has anyone ever compared the AZ Satori and Alpha-Core veracity MI-2 speaker cables?
Thanks for any comments.
A view from over the pond where AZ is not readily available. I am using Matrix and a single run of Hologram with jumpers. Again, what a coincidence, with an Aleph 3 amp, to Living Voice Avatars with a Graaf valve pre. Again I have been using Nordost Red Dawn and I agree they are superficially fast and exciting, but just less musical. The AZ has a richer tonal palette, it makes music more musical, excuse the oxymoron. The Hologram in particular, made as much difference as upgrading my LV speakers from Auditorium to Avatar and the latter are in my view, special speakers. I am awaiting the arrival of my Silver Ref bought off Audiogon.