Acoustic Zen Silver vs. Quattro-Fil IC s

Anybody compare these and have comments on which are better? Thanks.
I have compared the Coincident IC at 299.00 VS the Quattro Fil.No contest the Coincident is far supperior.In the same evaluation the JPS superconductor+ and the Wireworld Gold Eclipse 3 Where also better than the Quattro and the Audioquest Opal was a least as good.
Jody at Brooklyn audio has at least one customer who changed his Quatro Fil ic for the Zen silver. Jim Merod, at stereo times, is using the zen silver inplace of his quatro fil. I'm not saying one is better than the other as I haven't listened to them back to back. but I'm using the acoustic zen matrix ic, amp to pre and find it a wonderful match with the satori speaker wire. These replaced nordost red dawns. There was simply no contest between these two in my system..the zens were just better in every of the best moves I made. Actually the zens killed the Red dawns and danced on their grave and i was too busy smiling to care.....cheers, Bluenose
I heard both Quattro Fil and the silver Acoustic Zen in a friend's system. We both preferred the Acoutic Zen, but even it wasn't perfect. The ic cable that worked best in his system, was a top of the line MIT, used in combo with another silver ic upstream from his linestage. The speaker cable was HT Pro 9, and the amp was KT-88 based, in triode mode.