Acoustic Zen Silver Reference XLR interconnect vs AudioQuest Wind

I have opportunity to use either the Acoustic Zen Silver Reference or Wind, both in XLR configuration, to connect PS Audio's new Stellar phono stage to their BHK Pre-amp (driving PS Audio's Stellar 1200 mono blocks and Wilson Benesch "ACT" speakers.  Any recommendations?
Use the ones that sound the best.
I haven’t heard the AQ but have extensive experience with the AZ Silver Ref and it is excellent IMHO.  It’s nicely detailed but not bright sounding, and despite being silver it has very good tonality and musicality — organic and natural sounding is how I’d put it.  They also have excellent imaging and 3D soundstage abilities.  Not sure how they’d compare to the Winds, but if these are the sonic properties you’re looking for I don’t think you can go wrong with the AZs.  Hope this helps a little, and best of luck.