Acoustic Zen Silver Reference II ic users....

Hello and Happy Holidays!
Purchased these a few days ago here on Agon and I like what I'm hearing.
What speaker cable are you guys and gals using that have these ic's?
I'm presently using Alpha Core Veracity MI2's that I like but -as usual-seeing if I can move it up a notch.
I listen to rock and jazz.
Speakers are VSA vr 4 jr's so biwiring is mandatory.
I am running the Silver Ref v. 1 from DVD/CD player to pre, and have owned quite a lot of AZ products over the year. I also am running the VS 4JR speakers. I was using a double run of AZ Satori on the JRs. A deal came up on a set of the Verbatim cables made by Paul (I think is his name) at Von Schweikert. They are a flat copper ribbon cable and have a built in jumper to reach up to the top posts on the VS speakers. I personally liked these speaker cables quite a lot more than the AZ Satori. If you can get a loaner pair or by chance find a used pair I highly reccomend them with the JRs.
I would not sell the MI2 just yet, I found those to be excellent speaker wires and you will have to pay quite a bit more to better them. Keep them until you get your new ones and compare before selling them IMO. For instance I think Satori is slightly better than the MI2 in some areas but the MI2 has an addictive midrange that I still think about.

good luck
Thanks Philojet and Ejlif.
Have a Happy New Year!
Hi Greh,
I am using for my speakers a 10ft. run of Acoustic Zen Satori Shotgun( Biwired) and they are much more detailed than my previous Acoustic Zen Hologram II.The Bass is tighter and more subtle than with the Hologram II. There is more transparency and neutrality with these cables.Music sounds very natural and you sense and hear every instrument with the clarity and tonality that I am yet to find in other speaker cables. In fact my whole Audio/Video system uses only Acoustic Zen Cables. Trust me I have tried and compared many speaker cables to my Acoustic Zen Cables and I always end up sending the other cables back.
I know every cable has the tendency of sounding different from one system to another and people have different taste in sound reproduction so I know not eveyone will agree with me but in my 9+ years of listening to so many cables I have always found the Acoustic Zen cables to have all the attributes most audiophiles look for in Interconnects and Speaker cables.

Also here is the link on my review at under NY1PR2002 of the Acoustic Zen Silver Reference II,

Let me know your experience with the Acoustic Zen Silver Reference II.

Here is what my System consist of:
Parasound Halo C2 Processor
Denon DVD-3910 Universal DVD/SACD/HDCD/Player
Marantz SA-11S1 SACD/CD Player
Musical Fidelity TriVista Tube SACD/CD Player
Panasonic DLP HDTV PT-50DL54
Parasound Halo A21 2 Channel Stereo Amp
Parasound HCA-2205AT 5 Channel Amp
Monster HTPS 7000 MK II SS Power Conditioner
Monster AVS 2000 Signature Series Voltage Stabilizer
Acoustic Zen MC2=Zen Digital Interconnects
Acoustic Zen Silver Reference II Interconnects
Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference ll Interconnects
Acoustic Zen Satori Shotgun 10ft. Biwirable Speaker cable
Definitive Technology BP7000SC Main Speakers
Definitive Technology CLR-3000 Center Channel
Definitive Technology BPVX Side Surrounds
Definitive Technology BPX Rear Surrounds

Zen SIlver are great cables......I would not hesitate to recommend AZ HologramII or Satori Shotgun(if you have 3-way speakers with bi-wire capabilities).
I also have a pair of Acoustic Zen Satori Shotgun Bi-wire speaker cables. They are very impressive! I LOVE them. They are conneted between my Audio Research Vsi55 Tube Integrated and a pair of Proac Response 3.5 floor standing speakers. The Acoustic Zen Satori Shotgun cables offer tight, punchy well-focused bass with very clean, natural detail and a 3-d/holographic soundstage. They are very natural and possess wonderful PRAT. They offer the sweet liquid midrange that tubes are known for without sounding slow or bloated. I love their detail and musicality. I am also running AZ Silver Ref II (RCA) Interconnects. But I am switching to a BAT VK300x Integrated, so I will be switching to AZ Silver Ref II Balanced IC's. Woohoo! Gary
I have used AZ Silver reference series 1 for 4 years, then added a single wire run of Hologram series 1. I don't plan on changing, way better than the Nordost I used before. I took advice on the Gon about mixing with Matrix cable, but find all Silver reference much better. I really believe that the one area where sticking to a single company pays dividends is in cables. I liked them so much I have added the Adagio speakers, which are as good as the reviews say and then some.
I use Acoustic Zen silver ref II interconnects in my music listening room (all XLR Bal). Speaker cables are Acoustic Zen Absolute Shotgun (Spades on booth ends).
I have tried other cables, but for me the AZ's sound the best.
When you get right down to it, "it's all about what sounds right to you". We all hear diffently, No two people hear the same (30 years as a recording engineer
has taught me that ... Hell! one week as a recording engineer taught that.)
The bottom line to all this is that Hifi is a very personal thing that comes down to personl taste. I happen to be very happy with my AZ cables, others of you out there are happy with your Cardas, TA, Verbatim or what ever cables your enjoying... That's it...Enjoying. Trust you Ears!