Acoustic Zen Silver Ref. II vs Absolute IC's

I currently run the Silver Ref. II interconnects. Wondering if anyone has experience switching to the Absolute IC's?
What were the benefits and/or sonic differences?
I started using Acoustic Zen IC and speaker cables about 3 years ago. Started with AZ Silver Ref and ended up with the Absolute IC. Basically getting lower bass, increased mid/high frequency resolution and increased 3 D soundstage. Absolute no-brainer to upgrade to the Absolute series. Previously used the AQ Sky interconnect, the AZ Absolute just killed it!

Did the same with their speaker cables. Started with their Double-barrel to replace an AQ CV-8 speaker cables and eventually ended up with a special Absolute bi-wire version. Just killer cables for the price. Very similar experience, increase in low frequency extension, better mid-hi frequency resolution and killer soundstage. You could have them at a reasonable price on the Gon.

They are a true value in high-end audio and will be keepers for life for me. That's how good they are!
See review below:
Thanks for the info Dasign. Looks like I'm on the hunt for Zen Absolute cabling.
I really with Zen would have a trade up program.
I owned both about 1 year ago.
To me the Absolute sounded more round/organic than the Silver Ref II, and had a more solid and extended low end.
My macro dynamics in the end were stunning with AZ, I only don't remember if that started after buying the Absolutes or already was there with the Silvers.

The one thing in which there are a lot better cables in my opinion is the "air", between and around instruments, the way in which the recording space will be transferred to your listening room because you can hear the influence of the recroding space on the sounds. The " openness" This is were both the Silver and Absolute will fall short, if you are chasing that effect I would look elsewhere.
Also seperation in soundstage depth can be a little better.
Barto, what did you move to, and did you find something that kept what the Absolutes do well but give you more air and openness?
Ow yes I did!
Did take years of searching but found everything I am looking for in the new HiDiamond line.
Could place a small review here of the differences but do not want to hijack this thread.

All I will say is, I can now listen "around" an instrument. A high hat seems to come out of all sites of my speaker.
Real depth and air in recordings, always thought I had depth, until I experienced hearing two musicians playing in front of each other and I could literary experience the space in between them.
(only two small examples). Most system do play in depth but not with this seperation.

I have tried a lot of brands in the last years and will not be looking further. Also owned some quite more expensive than these.
That's of course not to say the HiDiamonds sound like the Absolutes, but better. It is a different cable that sounds different like all do. But it is a cable that is up there with the best in terms of technical/audiophile traits I've had, on some points better, but do so while being very musical en pleasing to listen to!