Acoustic Zen Silver Bytes digital cable

Anyone has any opinions in regards to this digital interconnect cable? I am considering it to use between my transport and dac. Currently I am using Philips DVD player as a transport for my Bel Canto DAC2 and very basic Monster coax between the 2. Just wanted to know if the set up would benefit from the AZ digital cable. I know this Philips DVD player is not the best transport, but for now all I am looking for is to upgrade the link to the DAC2.
All my cables are AZ and I just happen to like these, so I was considering the Silver Bytes coax...
Would like to hear opinions about this AZ cable. thanx
I have used the AZ silver bytes and it was very detailed cable but if you want an awesome AZ cable try the mc2 tight bass and very fast a little more money but well worth it. I have tried many others and found the mc2 to be a great match with my AZ silver reference cables.

Just my opinion
good luck
I agree with Harnellt, the AZ mc2 is agreat step up from the AZ Silver Bytes cable and well worth the money. I had to spend another $1200.00 to get a cable that would out perform the AZ mc2 in my system. The AZ mc2 is a great sounding cable and a real bargain for the price,
Silver Bytes is 75ohm and MC2 is 110ohm. What's the difference? Could I use either one?
never mind my question...I found the answer to that on their website FAQ. Looks like it does not matter 75 or 110 ohm. Harnellt and Teajay thanks for your advice.
Another MC2 fan here. I've used about five or six different digital cables and the AZ is the one I've stuck with. Many of the others I've owned sounded closed-in by comparison. Only the Virtual Dynamics Nite was comparable in terms of soundstage size and free flowing dynamics.

You should be able to find a used one meter MC2 for around $160-180 on Audiogon.
thanks for opinions. I will try to check out both the MC2 and Silver Bytes and see which one makes more sense in my system, although I am pretty sure as you all pointed out, MC2 is superior. Just didn't want to spend that much on one digital cable, but may reconsider. What is it about this latest buzz on 1.5m legth for digital cables giving better performance than 1m? Is 1.5m really an improvement over the same cable in 1m length? Or is it just hype? do you know? I've read this whole theory about it. just wanted to know if I should get 1.5m instead of 1m.
It's not really recent hype, it's been discussed for a few years. While I have owned digital cables in 1.5 meter length, I've never compared a one meter versus a one and a half meter cable of the same brand so I don't have an opinion on this theory.
Don't mean to complicate things but recently I saw an A'goner here selling a Silver Byte and in the ad claimed that Acoustic Zen told him/her that when using RCA connectors the Silver Byte was superior to the MC2 which was really designed for balanced use? Have any of you guys heard this?

I'm curious about this because I'm thinking of trying an AZ Silver Byte also.

That's a first for me. I've never heard that one. One way to find out is to contact Robert Lee at Acoustic Zen.

One thing to consider though. A couple years ago, I bought a BAT VK3i to pair with my BAT VK200. I was at the time and still am using exclusively Acoustic Zen interconnects, but they were all single ended. On the advice of Victor Khomenko of Balanced Audio Technology I bought a balanced version of the Matrix Ref II to run in between the VK3i and VK200. When I compared the sound when switching between an RCA Matrix Ref II and a balanced version I could hear no difference at all.

If you peruse the discussion forums you'll find examples of people realizing huge sonic gains when connecting gear designed to be used in balanced configuration, so I was shocked I detected no difference. When I mentioned this in the forums someone remarked that it's possible the Acoustic Zen Matrix II with XLR termination wasn't a true balanced design. I never confirmed this either way, but it is something to consider when someone says that the MC2 was designed to be used as a balanced connection. It would be best to ask AZ directly.

Good luck!
Tooter, I've heard this too with exception that both are equally good with neither being superior when talking about RCA type link. What I heard was silver byte was designed to be RCA type and MC2 to be XLR type, so between these 2 in RCA version, silver byte should be as good as MC2. I will research this further, but according to folks who replied to my post, they heard noticable improvement when switching from silver bytes to mc2. I guess it also depends on a system it is being used in. It may give different results in different systems, but it is kind of interesting to compare the 2. I will try and do that in next few weeks.
You're probably right. It really depends on the system, and the listener as to which they'll prefer.
Would the Silver Byte be better suited to a warmer, laid back system than the MC2?
The short answer is clearly no. The MC2 is a much more natural/musical cable then its little brother, so regardless of the systems overall sonic perspective you would gain nothing and lose alot.